What Changed?

I can't tell you how relieved I feel to have moved past the month of April without as much trauma as I expected. I realize I write this from a privileged position. There wasn't as much trauma in my city, my family, and my life as expected. There was certainly plenty of trauma in the world at large. Yet the singular, scary event that the Keepers outlined for April never seemed to appear in the way I expected.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm not complaining! But I do wonder why, and what it means for us moving forward. So I checked in with the Keepers today and here's the channeling that came through:

Why did we see a different experience in April than expected? What changed?

The energy of April was just as intense and fraught with peril as predicted. In fact, the intensity was stronger than forecast. Collectively you all took that energy and shifted it into something like a savings account in a bank. You did this by moving what would have occurred as a large scale event into your governments. Look across the world and consider how political events have build a storage bank for stronger intensity. Look at what is happening in Turkey, France, the UK, the USA, and South Korea. Look at what is happening in the Philippines, in Myanmar, and in Bangladesh. Consider how leaders in these places are acting as a bank account, building the potential for future events as they continue to absorb, expand, and misuse their power.

In specific terms, the energy in April gave an opening for more traumatic events such as large-scale terrorist attacks. Collectively you shifted this to instead point toward even more enormous potentials, such as nuclear war with North Korea. You shifted your attention to an even greater potential and now you are all working to decide how you will diffuse the intense energy that has built up in your world.

This makes the energy of May more important than ever. The harmonizing of your collective energy is vital now, and it will come in the form of working together in large and small ways. You do this work every time you sit down and listen with respect to your neighbor, or reach out to help someone in need, or embrace what is different between your life and the lives of others. There is no room to ignore this work. Every day you engage with the world from a place of Love or a place of Fear. You must choose to LOVE this month. The potential we described in April remains, and now you have a glorious chance to shift it from disaster into something more loving that you do together.

Channeled from the Akashic Records of April 2017 by Jen Eramith

For as long as I've been working with the Akashic Records, one of the most consistent messages from the Keepers has been that humans don't reach enlightenment one by one. We all go through the process of enlightenment on our own path, but there is no destination unless it includes everyone. We are truly all in this together. It can be overwhelming, but if we will take each person who arrives in our life and find a way to connect just a little more deeply, with just a little more sweetness, then we are doing the work. I'll be trying my best to find harmony in my life this month, and I'll keep you posted on how it's going for me. I'd love to hear how it's going for you!

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  1. Marie Smith
    May 5, 2017 at 15:09

    Thank you Jen. This channeling really helps put things in perspective. In the area where I live (Gatineau/Ottawa Canada) spring thaw and unrelenting rain has caused flooding. With another 20-30 mms to come in the next 2 days, we are seeing great movements of solidarity.
    I am wondering what Gaïa is trying to tell us. What does all that water mean? Rivers are coming out of their beds. The last times were 2011 (a shorter period and water levels not quite so high) and 1974, whose record it seems we will beat. Nature is crying.

    thank you for the work you do.

    Marie Smith

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