Two Babies

This week a new baby was confirmed in the Seattle area where I live. Why is this news? This particular baby is a member of one of the local pods of orcas.

There are several pods of orcas that are yearlong residents of the waters near Seattle. I am always excited when I get a chance to see these beautiful whales off the beach near my house. I will be watching for the little one, but I acknowledge that it’s rare to catch a glimpse of orcas, let alone to spot a baby. Still, I have my hopes up. 

Here’s a picture, offered by Orca Network. This is an organization I love and support, and I highly recommend their newsletter that gives weekly updates on whales of all kinds of the coast of North America!

Also exciting? My second niece was born yesterday and, though she lives far away from me, I’m guessing I’ll catch a glimpse of her long before I spot that orca!

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