The Keepers have offered a great deal of information about healing trauma, all of which is insightful and useful -- and yet healing trauma is one of the places where we run up against the limitations of channeling work. The work of healing trauma involves so much of what cannot be put into words, and of what cannot be done in spiritual practice only.

At some point in the process, healing must happen at that raw, vulnerable place within us that is purely emotional. It must involve long nights of crying, screaming to the wind, and feeling utterly alone with the pain. It can be tempting to want to skip all that and go right to the spiritual wisdom that will surely arise on the other side of the healing process. People often yearn to “keep it clean” by using meditative, peaceful, spiritual practices to heal trauma. But the terrible events that created the trauma were messy, and at some point in the process of healing you are going to have to go back to that vulnerable place within and let it get messy!

So what is the role of the Akashic Records in healing trauma? They offer insights that can provide a roadmap for the healing process. They can describe what needs to be healed in advance, offer clarity along the way, and help you identify what kinds of support are needed at different stages of the process. The Records hold the story of your trauma through the eyes of Love, and can recount your own story for you with the frame of what is true – that you are bigger than the things that have wounded you, and that you are capable of healing completely.

But they can’t replace the raw healing work that only you can do. I believe that spiritual practice is vitally important to support healing work, yet no spirit guides can walk the road on your behalf.

Please use the wisdom here to help you find your way through the wild and courageous ride of healing yourself.