The concept of family is often the thing that can bring the greatest joy and the greatest pain. Our early experiences, the ones that define who we are, often happen in the context of family. The community that surrounds us and helps us heal those wounds, whether they be biological or chosen, are also a gathering of family.

In personal Akashic Records consultations, it is nearly universal that people ask about their native family members. Those early relationships shape us so profoundly that most of us spend our entire lives grappling with both the wounds and gifts hidden there.

I have found that every time these questions are asked, I am reminded that we all choose the family we will be born to and the family that will raise us through childhood. While some souls choose to come to a family of people they know and love, others choose to come to family members that we do not know well. It also happens that we often choose a family based on convenience rather than on any one particular soul connection. Whether it is for pleasant or difficult reasons, it seems to be a universal truth that each soul chooses exactly what family to come into.

This means that we can trust that original choice made by our higher soul. As we navigate the healing of our family memories, and the management of current family relationships, it is vital that we trust that whatever has come from our family holds something of great value to our souls. With trust in this, then healing and management can become a process of mining the benefits of our family experience, rather than a process of surviving or hiding from our family experiences.