Death and dying can break us wide open to the greatest love and some of the greatest pain in our lives. The most important thing I have found in the Akashic Records about death is that every soul truly does choose exactly when and how to go through death. The struggle can be to trust the process, as the person dying and as the people bearing witness to it. With some degree of faith in the process, we can then open our hearts to what needs to be learned and healed as we face death and dying throughout our lives.

I’ve always found it interesting to consider the role of religion in how we respond to death and dying. Religious practice can give us great solace during these times, yet religions often disagree on what happens after we die. I’ve always wondered which one was right on this topic, and now that I’ve explored it in the Records for many years, I can say that they are ALL right. There are some souls who move through what we could call heaven or hell, and there are some souls who dissolve completely into Light, and there are others who return immediately to another life here on Earth. And even still, there are countless other things a soul might go on to do after death, including watching over loved ones, serving as an angel, or going on to incarnate in another world altogether.

When someone in a Personal Consultation asks about dying, or about a loved one who has passed, I am almost always surprised to find yet another possibility for what a soul may be learning and doing through the process of dying and entering the next chapter.

This means that there is no sense in arguing over which religion has it right on death and dying. And it also means that we can embrace and use any religion that feels best to help us through the trials and heartbreak when death enters our lives. In fact I believe there are so many different belief systems to explain death and dying across the world so that we may each find the one that best suits the situations we find ourselves in.


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