Jen's Message

When I first began working with the Akashic Records, I thought my life would become easier since I could access the wisdom of my Keepers at anytime. I envisioned walking through life connected to Spirit would bring an ongoing sense of clarity and peace. I was shocked to realize that quite the opposite was true!

Like many spirit workers, I found that establishing a channel to Spirit required me to look at and heal what had been standing in the way of my clairvoyance. Old wounds, unresolved fears, occluded memories, and more -- they all came bubbling up in the first year or two after I learned to be a channel. It was incredibly important healing work, yet a very far cry from my romantic notion of total clarity and peace.

It is tempting to imagine that hearing more from Spirit will make it easy to solve all of life's problems. But even for those who are highly psychically connected, problems arise and do not always have quick or easy solutions. The beauty of being human is that we do not often remember our highest perspective or know what, why, when, how things in life may work out.

Here's what I find: If I draw upon all my resources – family and friends, inner strength, or facing emotions even when it's difficult – my intuition becomes clear. But if I try to use intuition and skip ahead to the answer, I have to double back, find missing pieces, and do the work of healing all over again. I encourage you to avoid rushing your path to recovering your clairvoyance. The human experience, with all its mystery and frustration, is incredibly valuable. That’s the reason our souls worked so hard to get here in the first place!