While a few people have a soul contract that determines their career in advance, most people's soul paths do not easily correspond with a modern career. This is something I find to be fascinating and true across more than a decade of work with the Akashic Records on careers.

We have all seen the unique signs of a pre-determined soul mission that fits elegantly with a particular career: an intense childhood interest that continues into adulthood and career--often scientists, researchers, or healers.

Others have soul work to do that does not correspond with career. In fact, people's soul work can interfere with career--the need to heal trauma or overcome mental illness are two powerful and relevant examples.

Most people seem to have soul work that does not clearly align to one path, but could fit into many possible modern careers. For instance, if someone needs to work on forgiveness during their lifetime, they might be drawn to working environments that involve close personal relationships with people but not be fulfilled in more isolated professions where there are fewer opportunities to explore the forgiveness cycle. .