Jen's Message on Birth & Babies

Birth and babies is a topic that comes up often in Akashic Records consultations. People ask about this in regard to their own birth experiences, in regard to giving birth to their own children, and in regard to the births that did not take place such as in miscarriage or pregnancy termination.

The thing I have found most interesting about birth and babies from the Keepers is the fact that a soul can enter the physical body at any point during the gestational period. Occasionally a soul will be present at the very beginning when there are just a few cells. On the other extreme end, a soul can wait until just days before being born before it enters the body. From what I’ve seen, it is most common by far that souls enter the body sometime between 3 and 6 months of a pregnancy.

Sometimes a soul will enter all at once, and other times a soul will visit a few times before permanently entering the body. There are no hard and fast rules about how a soul might go about joining with the body it will inhabit. Part of the magic of the gestational period is that it gives each of our souls time and space to enter as we need in order to set up the human experience we plan to have once we get here.

This has important implications for the decisions we make in our everyday lives around pregnancy and childbirth. It also has important implications in our personal journey as we look back on how things went for us when we were first growing and entering the world. For me, the bottom line is that (like most things in life), birth and babies have far more potential for magical possibilities that most of us give them credit for.