The Records of Many Names

I often tell people that there is nothing special about the Akashic Records, or at least about the term itself.  The actual Records are very special.  But what we call them?  Well, you don't need to be too particular about that.  

There are many terms that describe the very same thing – this idea that there is more information available to us than our minds are consciously aware of. This idea is ancient and New Age, and it’s also just plain common sense.

Almost everyone has had the experience of knowing something without really knowing how he or she knows it.  And most people have a story or two about how they followed a hunch and something miraculous followed.
Most people believe that intuition exists, which logically requires that we acknowledge there is something “out there” we tune into when we listen to our intuition.  And that's the Akashic Records.

And because the presence of that ethereal library has been known throughout history in all parts of the world – well, of course there are many terms used to describe it!

Here are the ones I’ve heard of so far. Do you have any to add to the list?

Akashic Records
Book of Life
Book of Knowledge
Mind of God
Akashic Library
Universal Library
Hall of Learning
Hall of Knowledge
Hall of records
The Time Lords
Your Souls book of knowledge
Akashic Field
Energetic Records
Eternal book of Life
The DNA of the Universe
Cosmic Mind
Super Conscious Mind
Universal Computer
Cosmic Consciousness
Collective Consciousness
Collective Unconsciousness
Collective Subconsciousness
Light Library
The Memory of Nature
Knowledge of Time
Book of Remembrance
Wisdom of the Ages
Zero Point Field
Records of the Soul
The Akashic Chronicle
Universal Mind

(Thanks to my friend, Meryn, for helping complete this list for me. You are a wonderful researcher!)

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