The Akashic Records Change Over Time

Yup, that’s right. The Akashic Records change over time. (See my last post for more on this.) As you can imagine, this makes things a little bit complicated when it comes to channeling the Monthly, Weekly and Daily Messages.

The potentials for each month shift as we approach the month. The individual and collective directions we will take help shape the potentials for the month. If I were to channel a message for a month years in advance, the information will have changed so much by the time we get there that the information might not fit. I mentioned in a previous post that I typically channel the Monthly Message about six weeks in advance.  I do this in advance to make sure that the information I channel isn't influenced by my personal thoughts on what might be coming up.  If I were to do the channeling just a few days before the month begins, I would still see the channeled information but I would have to work harder to keep my own ideas out of the way.

Still, a lot can change in six weeks. So I check in with the Akashic Records of the month a few days before it begins to see if I need to add something to the original message. This is the reason that members of my website, who have access to the message a month in advance, will sometimes see small differences between the Looking Ahead message and the Monthly Message when it is posted for the public.

I’ve learned so much in the last four or five years as I’ve been channeling Monthly Messages. I am continually astounded to see just how much our collective choices really do set up the energy for the future. This means that each one of us is constantly writing our part in the potential for humanity. Don’t underestimate the power of a positive thought or an empowered choice in your life. Each of us really is helping to choreograph the potential for the world!

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