Remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was working too much?

Luckily, when it comes to doing consultations and channelings, it doesn’t matter if I’m burned out or not. Once I enter the Akashic Records, all is well and I feel great. It was the time in-between – you know, that part of my life that is my own -- where I was feeling burned out.

I finally took a week to retreat and quiet down, and my entire reality has changed. I am quieter -- more sure-footed and sure-minded. Having this inner stillness is worth every effort – something I had forgotten in my rush to work so much.

My retreat took place in the San Juan Islands in northwestern Washington.

I spent five days in a cabin in the woods -- sleeping, hiking, and of course doing some work, too. I like my work too much to stop completely!

I spent hours staring at the ocean.  It felt like my brain was being rewired for peacefulness. 

I also spent hours sitting on the beach watching sea stars make their slow walk over the rocks. At first it was uncomfortable to be so still.  Then I remembered how and it became the most natural thing in the world.

It was a great reminder that we all need to do this sometimes. We need to retreat from the outer world that can be so engaging and distracting. We must find a deeper voice inside ourselves that can guide our actions when we return to the outer world.

Even if you can’t find a cabin in the woods, we can all create the sense of quiet in our own homes. I’m newly inspired to make the journey upstairs to my meditation spot every day instead of just once or twice a week. Instead of checking my phone for messages or CNN for yet another headline, I head upstairs and sit quietly. Even ten minutes of meditation will vastly improve how my day goes. 

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Other photos are the best I could do with my phone camera!)

What about you? How do you find space each day for quiet? Is it the ride home from work? Walking your dog? A daily yoga or sitting practice? Learning how others manage this can help all of us find ways to make room for the sure, strong inner voice in our lives.

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  1. May 17, 2011 at 18:15

    I'm so happy to see your blog! Beautiful pictures of your retreat!