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I’ve never been one to toy with the supernatural. I know that probably sounds strange coming from someone who channels spiritual messages, but it’s true. While I’m a huge fan of spiritual practices — meditation, prayer, ritual, and lots of the lovely things that we do together in religious or spiritual settings. But ghosts? Seances? Possessions? Not my cup of tea.

What’s the difference? I’m guessing you’ll have some ideas on how to differentiate the two, but for me spiritual practices are the things we consciously decide to do in order to connect to a higher source of Love. The supernatural, in the way I’m talking about it here, is the collection of things that happen to us when the barrier between us and the spirit world gets thin, often without our conscious consent. It’s the uninvited spiritual visitor, the haunting of a space, or the more graphic ways people lose control of their bodies in what we call possession. I know these things are real, which is the reason I try not to invite them on purpose or by accident.

But I’m a spiritual channeler who looks right past that barrier between us and the spirit world, so inevitably I’ve seen plenty of the supernatural. I’ve answered dozen and dozens of questions about these kinds of things in Akashic Records consultations. When we look in the Records, it always makes sense based on the unique path of the individual who is asking. There is always an explanation, and often a clear path for how to move through and past the difficult parts of these things. (Occasionally, rather than validation there is a message that the person is under delusion, but that’s a topic for another day.)

So why am I writing about the supernatural today? Recently a dear friend asked for help with a family that is struggling with an unwanted supernatural force. And since I can’t offer a reading at this point (as those of you on my waiting list know all too well), I did the next best thing. I channeled a Family Protection Meditation that any person or group can use to work with such an experience. This meditation walks you through a process of connecting with family members, building a stronger psychic protection, and looking into the karmic and other forces at work in your situation. I have already heard from a few members of my website about how it’s helping not only with specific supernatural experiences, but with healing other kinds of issues between family members.

I would love to create a collection of other resources people can use when working with supernatural phenomena. What kinds of things have you experienced, and what did you find helpful?



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