None of Your Beeswax

Many people have asked me to do a channeling on the Casey Anthony trial. Last week I tried to access the Akashic Records of the case, and they didn’t open. (This does happen sometimes. I just talked about it in the Q&A with Jen session last week, and I’ll probably tell you more about it in a future blog post.)

So then I tried accessing the Akashic Records of current news. This was a little overwhelming, but it did give me a place to get some information. I asked -- What can we know about the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial?

Here’s the answer:

“This trial and its outcome cannot be accessed by you because it is none of your business.”

Seriously – that is exactly what I first saw in the Records! They went on to say:

“The trial itself is part of the personal path of those involved, and the Akashic Records for this event are protected by the very laws that govern and protect everyone’s Akashic Records from infringement. The information that is available for general viewing is in regard to the meaning of the trial in the collective consciousness.”

This led me to think about what we see in the news these days. When there isn’t much real news going on, or when we are looking for the next distraction from the real news, then these news stories pop up that are very similar to gossip. We focus in on the personal lives of people who are going through something interesting, and usually very difficult. 

Remember the Terri Shiavo case that finished in 2005? That trial and the Casey Anthony trial draw so much public attention because they tap into important aspects of our collective psyche. And that’s the part where the Akashic Records can give us a great deal of information, because what is held in the Records is always based on meaning. It’s always based on what we need to understand about a situation, because that is what helps us grow.

I didn’t have time this week to do a longer channeling on the collective meanings for the Casey Anthony trial, but I’m guessing that each one of us can find what we need to learn from it just by noticing what parts of the story touch us. What parts make our hearts break? What parts make us angry? And how do we need to grow in regard to those emotions and stories in our own lives?

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