Love Capacity

My last post has had me thinking about the other favorite things I’ve seen in the Akashic Records, and I think my very favorite is this – that most of us have only reached ten percent of our capacity to love and be loved. That’s pretty exciting.

Even better? That our capacity to love others is about ten times greater than our need to be loved by others.

Yes, that’s right – ten times greater.

What if we all start striving to finally release our immense capacity for love? You want to talk about abundance? There it is. If we all give ten times more than we need, abundance is the only thing that is possible. And according to the Records, the giving actually fulfills us.

When I first saw this in the Akashic Records, the way it was shown was in the image of a young child. When love is withheld, such as from an abusive parent, the child’s capacity to love that parent far exceeds the fear of abuse. A child will often fight to stay with an abusive parent, not because they think that parent will change. Children fight to stay close to the people they love. We were all born with an enormous need to feel love for others. It is an energy that is meant to pour out of us and into the world in every moment.

My grandmother always said, “Never suppress a generous thought.” I realize now that this advice wasn’t given so I could help others. It was given for my own good. I need to have love pouring out of me in order to be happy and healthy. I was born with this capacity, and so were you.

So open the flow of love in your life. Say the kind word that comes to your mind, take an extra moment to smile, or write a note to someone who is on your mind. If you are rejected, just remember – the love you have for the world is bigger than your need to be accepted. Try again!

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