Lightworker Scavenger Hunt

The Keepers have been talking a lot lately about Lightworkers.  Last month’s Live Channeling event (now a website download) was on the topic of “Leadership and Change: You Are the Ones You’ve Been Waiting For” which was all about how we are learning to lead by example, rather than leading by bossing each other around --  though the Keepers said it a bit more nicely than that!
I posted a channeling last week about Lightworkers that said:
It is time to expand your definition of what it means to be a Lightworker.  It is time to expand your identity as a Lightworker to include everyone around you.  It is time then to start looking around and noticing that the most mundane situation can be filled with Light.  It is time to look around and start noticing that the most unassuming, quiet person in the room might be the one who is bringing the most Light.” 
Most of the channelings and most of what you’ll find online about Lightworkers tell us how be Lightworkers ourselves.  But what the Keepers have focused on lately is how much everyday life events are really expressions of Lightwork -- how we don't necessarily need to be involved in spiritual or energy work to be Lightworkers.
In that light, I’m going a Lightworker scavenger hunt and I’m inviting you to join me.  Every time I enter a new social situation, instead of asking myself how I can bring more Light, I’m going to start hunting for those magical souls who are bringing more light – each in their own way.  Then I'm going to help them, or celebrate them, or just sit back in awe and admiration as they work their mojo!
It’s easy to pick out the obvious ones -- the minister at the pulpit or the healer giving someone a hug over in the corner.   It’s not so easy to spot the stealthy ones --the kind soul who slows down while crossing the street in order to protect an elderly stranger, or the teenage boy making jokes in the hospital waiting room in order to ease the tension. 
I’ll give myself extra points for the ones I spot who have probably never even heard the word Lightworker -- the ones who show kindness in everyday moments because it’s in their nature, it’s just who they are.  Because “just who they are” is a Lightworker. 
It doesn’t matter what language you use or what social movement you are part of – if you sense the hearts of others and strive to make those around you just a little lighter, just a little more at ease – then you’re a Lightworker.
Hunting for hidden Lightworkers is fun.  It give me a sense of hope to realize that I am surrounded by them, and that whatever I’m striving to do to make the world a better place is supported by countless moments across the world in which others are doing the very same thing.
So let's make the Comments field for this blog post be a place where you can tell us about a hidden Lightworker you've spotted.  I can't wait to see what you discover in the months to come! 

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Jen Eramith


  1. November 5, 2011 at 17:53

    A great post Jen and an important point to acknowledge…that the quiet soul in the corner, the one not needing or seeking attention, might be our greatest teacher and bearer of light. I'll be on the scavenger hunt with you now to notice these "bright lights".