I Wish I Had a Map

When I was young, no one ever told me that I would grow up to be an Akashic Records channeler.  As I've built my career (is it really a career to be a channeler?!  I still wonder....) I search far and wide for someone to tell me how to do this.  The business folks provide some help, the New Age folks offer insight, but there just is not a map for what I'm doing.  And maybe that is as it should be, yet I still long for a map.

The reason I’ve decided to write a blog is to make a space for Lightworkers to learn about what Lightwork looks like from the inside out.  I can't write your map for you, but I can show you mine as it comes along.
I know many of you read the channelings on my website, and you wonder how it is that I do what I do.
How exactly does channeling and other Lightwork, work?
How in heaven’s name does one run a successful business doing something like channeling?
And how on Earth does one straddle the “woo woo” world and the everyday world at the same time?
There really isn’t a map out there to tell us how to run a New Age business.  So we write the map as we go along.  
I can tell you what it’s been like for me so that maybe you can avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made over the years.  And maybe you can share some of your experiences, too.  (There is a comment section on this blog, and I hope you use it!)
If we all share our experience, then together we can write the maps for how work gets done in an enlightened world.
In the weeks to come, you’ll see me explaining some of the nuts and bolts of working in the New Age movement.  You’ll see me explain more about the Akashic Records and how they relate to other spiritual tools and models.  You’ll see me go through the ups and downs of trying to be a real person with a real life – even as I work to be a clear channel for the Akashic Records.  And you will get to explore many resources that I find useful along the way.
My hope is that you will find a friendly voice who can help you navigate your own path – bridging the high ideals of New Age spirituality with the everyday challenges of human life.  I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t think any teacher does.  The new way of being in this world means that no one person has the map for all of us.  We create the map as we go, and if we share what we learn, we’ll all move forward together with grace.  Plus, everything can be so much more fun if we do it together!

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Jen Eramith


  1. May 3, 2011 at 22:17

    Thanks for starting this dialogue, Jen. It is nice to examine what it means for us lightworkers who are straddling two worlds, trying to do our spiritual work yet remaining everyday people. Many of us, myself included, are figuring it out on our own. The more we can share resources and community, the stronger our work will be!