Fevered State of Mind

After my last two posts, many people have asked how illness influences my ability to do Channelings. Does illness make me more open to the Akashic Records, or does it cause a blockage?

I have paid careful attention to this over the years. The first time I tried channeling with an illness, I was apprehensive and took special care to make sure I was really channeling despite my foggy mind and sniffly nose.

To my great relief, I’ve found that illness doesn’t interfere with the clarity of channeling at all. The only problem an illness can cause is simply that I feel more tired and uncomfortable as I work, which really isn’t different from any other activities. This is especially true when I have a cold, because channeling involves lots and lots of talking!

When I’m sick, information from the Akashic Records comes through just fine, and even better in some cases. That’s right, even better.

You might wonder, How can that be? 

There is one special symptom that improves my channeling abilities -- a fever.

While any other form of illness seems to have no effect, when I have a fever the information actually appears more clearly. I think the slightly altered state of fever leads my mind to relax and allow the information to come through more easily. The filters that I might usually impose on the information get thinner, and the nonlinear nature of Akashic information becomes more available. It’s almost like I’m having a psychedelic vision!

I’ve thought about how I might try to access this fevered state more in my channeling work. I think perhaps this what people are seeking when they use psychedelic drugs. So far, I’m not willing to use drugs or other artificial ways to access that state of mind. But I do strive to be as open and clear as possible in my life in order to make space for my mind to truly open to the Records when I’m channeling. I trust that our bodies and minds are made for this, so I try to work with what I’ve got.

I’m curious about how illness, and particularly fever, might affect people who are clairvoyant or psychic. Are you one of those people? And for the rest of us, How does illness affect your intuition?

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