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Last week I flew from Seattle to Florida to make my first public appearance in four years. FOUR YEARS. I don’t know why it took me so long. I'd like to say I was just busy building my website and doing personal consultations, but I admit a secret fear of flying might have had something to do with it!

It was wonderful to be doing Akashic Records work with real people again! I do get to talk to some of you when I offer Live Channeling events by phone every month, but I miss seeing people -- real, live people like you!
I went to Florida to talk about the Akashic Records at the Coaches Training Institute’s Co-active Summit. If you are a coach or an organizational leader, you’ve got to check these folks out. They do some amazing work.

My wonderful colleague and business coach, Wayne Caskey inspired me to join him in presenting the Akashic Records as a way to facilitate a bigger way of seeing leadership and our place in human evolution. (Check out his website for more on this approach!)

Here I am, on the right, with Wayne in the middle.  We also presented with an amazing shaman, Heidi McBratney, on the left. 
It was great fun to be surrounded by over four hundred coaches and leaders doing Co-active work.  What exactly is Co-active work?  Well, in three days of the Summit I heard a great many definitions, and the conclusion I’ve come to it this:  Co-active work means doing anything in a way that is centered on growing together, person-to-person, with mutual respect and empowerment.  This can apply to everything from a simple conversation to how an entire corporation is run.
This is a model that fits very well with what the Akashic Records have been telling us – that we must shift into ways of working that are mutually empowering.  Mutually empowering means that, even when one is “in charge,” they are not in charge at the expense of the free will and well being of others.  It means that we must change our ways of working together so that everyone wins.  When we do this, we can relax, be playful, and love each other more openly.  
And I’m all for that!

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