April Showers

The April Message has been on my mind for the six weeks since I initially channeled it. Members of my website, who can read the messages one month in advance, have been writing to ask why the Keepers have taken such a serious tone. Even when I have channeled on serious or troubling the topics, the Keepers always offer a somewhat lighthearted perspective. This month, the message came with a strong sense of love... yet I found myself with a heavy heart. It has raised concerns for many of us, wondering what this month will bring and just how worried we need to be about upcoming events.

Now that the month has begun, I've accessed these Records again to find out if we can see the potential more clearly or precisely. Here is the channeling that came through:

What is most beneficial for us to know as the month begins?

The month is likely to bring events that can break hearts and raise fears from even deeper within your psyche than you had yet discovered. Yet this potential has loosened somewhat since the last channeling. Rather than a single event, it is more likely that a series of smaller events will bring about the shifts necessary. Regardless of what events take place, the shift must occur. You must reach a deeper place within yourselves and learn to act in the world from that deeper empowerment.

Despite the potential for fear, the energy itself is quite open and clear this month. There is a certain sense of honesty in having things come to the surface, or in seeing dangers play out rather than simply suspecting that they exist. You may find relief as you come to understand what you are working with. It is time to move past wondering, or reacting to the potential for what may be. It is time now to act on what you know, and to adjust what you know as new events unfold. Be ready to change your  mind. Be ready to admit your mistakes. Be ready to step up and help every chance you get.

This month could be seen as an initiation for all people to rise up to their greatest potential. Just as in a ritual initiation, you must experience the feeling of reaching your edge. Each of you will find this differently in April. Some will find the edge through grief, others through pain, and some through rage or fear. Whatever your inner experience may be, you can rest assured that this is a chance for you to find a deeper, stronger faith in yourself than ever before. 

Most of you will experience these things as you witness events that affect others. Most of you will not be at "ground zero," for what may come. Yet as you have all become more aware of your Oneness, you will feel as if you are there. Let the feelings arise, then make sure they move through you and you regain your footing. No Lightworker can be effective by swimming in your emotions this month. It is time to answer your calling by being part of the world. Feel it, let it go, look beyond yourself, and choose actions. Take action. Be a helper. You will find a greater sense of personal and collective empowerment this month, and this will carry you forward into a new and more loving world.

Channeled from the Akashic Records of April 2017 by Jen Eramith

May we all find the support we need in order to keep our lights shining bright this month! And, if you'll look ahead to the May Message, you'll see the energy should be harmonizing soon. In the meantime, I'll be here offering channelings and other resources to help you along your path.

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