America, the Beautiful

It's been a busy time around here as I've been working with my team to get our new website up and running. (I hope you like it!) But don't for one minute think I haven't been noticing what's going on in the world. It's an intense time out there, and it makes for some intense emotions within. We are all responding to world events differently -- and my own response has ranged from sheer terror to exhilarating empowerment, and everything in between.

Members of my website have already discovered that I've begun a new experiment since January 20th. Every Sunday, I open the Akashic Records of the United States to find out what's happening and what we are all meant to do. It's been incredibly interesting to look at the same Records on a regular basis -- something I've never done before. I have channeled the USA in the past and these Records have always held a strong energy of compassion, eagerness, and brotherhood (but not in a gendered way -- more in a universal way that is explained in one of the recent channelings).

Indeed, one of the things that has come through these recent channelings is the fact that in addition to liberty, freedom, and all those other well-known values the USA claims to uphold, this is also a nation that is spiritually founded upon the energy of compassion and goodwill. This isn't what we often think of first, but it's been clear in the Records that compassion is at the heart of the USA as a nation and of North America as a landmass.

The USA channelings are just 10-20 minutes long each week, and I'm including them free with membership so you can find them in one easy package. Come listen, and let me know what questions you have for the Records of the USA.

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