Akashic Channeler Rescued from Black Hole

This Just InJen Eramith was swept into a cyber black hole two weeks ago, and found emerging just this morning. The black hole was created when her website host decided to change their system completely, sucking Jen into a whirlwind of telephone call-center muzak and long, complicated tests of website functionality.

Jen’s mysterious disappearance from the blogosphere left many puzzled. Readers wondered, “Why did she start a blog when she isn’t even blogging? Doesn’t she care anymore?”

While channelings and events continued to appear on her website, Akashic Transformations, Jen herself seemed to have disappeared completely from blog-land.

That changed early this morning when Jen was spotted crawling from the black hole looking bewildered and relieved. She announced that the new website template has been fully integrated, save one last little glitch preventing her from posting the newest audio download to the library.

“That’s OK,” she stated bravely. “This gives people more time to download the special double feature we offered in July – two titles for the price of membership.”

As the new month begins, Jen hopes to stand firm on the new website template, with all systems up and running. The black hole is closing quickly, with website members and the public, alike, enjoying Jen’s channelings more easily than ever.

“Now if only I could get that call-center muzak out of my head,” Jen stated longingly.

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