Wiped Out, But In a Good Way

The Live Channeling on the Year 2012 took place this week, and it was a doozy! What an amazing year we have ahead of us!

Participants asked wonderful questions, and I remember being surprised by some of the answers. The strange thing about channeling is that I see the answers so clearly when they come through, but once I’ve closed the Records it all slips out of my mind like a dream. So, just like the rest of you, I can’t wait to listen and learn what the Keepers have to say about this much-anticipated year. The recording will become available on my website beginning October 1.

Until then, here are a few of the highlights:

- This is the Year of the Wheel, or the Year of Choices. This is the time when we decide what direction humanity will take in the next age.

- Our ability to make choices this year makes us incredibly powerful. The consequences of our choices will happen more immediately and intensely than ever before, for better or worse. (Don’t panic: If you’re paying attention and doing your best to be honest with yourself and others, it will be mostly for the better.)

- Most people will be changing their minds and directions often during the year. Lightworkers are called to have patience and avoid getting caught up in the drama surrounding you.

- The energy of 2012 begin in 2009, so if you’ve been paying attention and doing what you can to heal and wake up, then this year will bring more empowerment and joy. If you have been avoiding anything, this year will make that thing come crashing down on you so you can finally deal with it.

- I also remember that the Keepers addressed movie and media portrayals of the Year 2012, and how those are related to real life dynamics.  Can't wait to be reminded about what they said.. thank goodness this was recorded!

- I remember seeing more clearly how the Mayan Calendar was accurate in predicting this shift, and exactly how those predictions have changed…. But I can’t remember what came through. ARG!  Again, with the recording. 

Another highlight for me was the moment when all the callers said good-bye at the end of the call. I usually have between ten and twenty callers for events. This time there were over 60 people on the line! It was so lovely to hear a cacophony of voices saying farewells and blessings. Thank you to everyone who participated in that channeling event.

And, after channeling the energy of the Akashic Records, the Year 2012, and all those lovely participants -- I was wiped out. So, true to form, I made a huge bowl of very salty popcorn and watched an episode of Glee.

There is something about song-and-dance that enables that blank stare I require after intense experiences. It’s probably not the best way to get grounded, but it sure is fun.
Of course, I could manage that only after lying in the grass outside my office and staring wide-eyed at a nearby tree for at least 30 minutes. I think my neighbors might wonder about me sometimes…..
(No, sadly this is not the view from my office. The trees in Seattle are far more coniferous and prickly, and the sky is far more gray, but I love it anyway.)

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