Beginning of a New World

Welcome to our new website! Please explore and let us know how you like it.

I'm laughing as I import my old blog to these pages. The last post I wrote, back in 2012, was titled "It's the End of the World as We Know It." I didn't know that would be my last blog post, but it's fitting that it was. Back in 2012, we knew the Mayan calendar was ending but it wasn't clear what that would mean in every day life. Now as we begin 2017, it feels more like the world as we knew it is, indeed, ending.

But every ending brings a new beginning, and I trust that the world we are building together will emerge with more love than ever. The work for us to build that world is only beginning to become apparent.

I will be more available in the coming months and years to help you navigate your next steps. Through the website, I will offer more channelings and many more ways for you to connect with Spirit through the Akashic Records. Join me here, and let me know what resources and services would help you along your path!

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