One of my most surprising realizations is that most people have more than one soulmate. Through my work with the Akashic Records, I have learned that most of us have many soulmates. In fact, most of our soulmates are not meant to be romantic connections. Many of us have soul contracts for a romantic connection with someone who is not a soulmate at all.

It isn’t surprising that our romantic connections are more complex than the quest to find a soulmate. Yet that idea of a one and only true love is compelling.

Don't be sad to let go of the idea that we all have a "one true love." It's liberating! Suddenly the world is filled with possibilities for meaningful connections, romantic or not. If we have more than one soulmate, it's possible we could come across one any day – and we are free to feel deep love for many more people without threatening a romantic commitment to one person.

It is possible to really connect and love someone as long as we are open to letting our hearts be touched by those who may not be romantically available or interesting. We find a soulmate connection in some unlikely places: with a neighbor or a friend, with someone much older or younger than we are. And, we might fall in love and have a romantic relationship with a true soulmate – but not be meant to stay together for a long time. Short-term romantic relationships take on new meaning and higher value in this way.

As for a one and only true love? Yes, a few people have it as as part of the divine blueprint for their lives. But most of us, myself included,  cultivate true love through opening our hearts, choosing wisely, and using that special relationship to continually become a better version of ourselves. Whether we find romance with a soulmate or someone our soul has never met before – Love truly is all around us!