Jen's Message on Animals

Human beings relate deeply to animals of all kinds. This is a constant truth that arises through countless Akashic readings for people who explore their connections to and experiences with pets and wild animals. Animals matter to us on many levels, and we matter to them much more than we realize. All animals are aware of humanity on a spiritual level. Individual animals may not have the brain capacity to think much about us, but every animal is always aware that humans are the big players at this time (for better or worse), and that we are all in this together.

I find it very interesting that animals have a fundamentally different spiritual contract than human beings. Animals do not forget the nature of their souls when they enter their bodies. Humans do forget – in fact, it’s the primary thing that makes us human. All animals maintain their awareness of themselves as spirits, and therefore the awareness that the life they are living is temporary and just a small part of who they are. Yet once an animal has incarnated, they experiences the limitations of their brain capacity, which can differ radically depending on species. This is the reason that you see terror in the eyes of a gazelle being killed by lions. The gazelle knows deeply that this is just a momentary experience that poses no threat to its true self, the animal brain still creates the chemical and physiological reactions of terror so that the gazelle can have the experience.

Humans, on the other hand, have brains that are capable of thinking through fear and choosing to see things beyond our physiological reactions. Yet, we do not have the soul knowing that we are more than our human selves. We forget that we are more than our bodies and our consciousness. Perhaps this is why so many people are fascinated with animals: there is potential for us to provide balance for one another.

When we relate to animals, we relate to two different aspects. We relate to the higher soul that knows we are more than we think we are (and knows it better than we do).  We also relate to the animal brain and its species-based limitations. It’s important to honor both aspects because when we see animals as only one or the other, it becomes difficult to develop a balanced relationship.

It doesn’t make sense to treat animals as elevated spiritual masters because they remember their souls better than we do. And we should not treat them based on the limitations of their animal brains. Instead, we can find the best possible way to relate to domestic and wild animals when we find a way to steward their animal selves and find spiritual wisdom in the ways they carry that deeper knowing.