The beauty of working with the Akashic Records is that they hold the vibration of everything! During an Akashic Record Consultation, you receive answers to your questions from the Keepers of your Akashic Records. The Keepers are similar to your Spirit Guides -- they know you and love you. Because of this wisdom and love, you do not need to worry too much about what questions you bring -- you can trust that the Keepers will understand your intentions.

Even so, it is useful to think carefully about your questions before your Consultation, as a way to prepare your mind and your intentions for the session. A great deal of clarity can come from meditating about the questions you will ask, even before the Consultation takes place!

The guidelines below offer some things to consider as you create your list of questions.

Order of Questions

As you create your list of questions, be sure to ask the questions that matter most to you near the beginning of the list so that you are sure to have time for them to be fully answered before the end of the session. Save less important questions for the end of your session.
There is no need to begin with general questions. If you know exactly what you are asking for, go ahead with a detailed question right away!

General vs. Specific

It is useful to be as specific as possible when asking questions during an Akashic Records Consultation.  By bringing specific questions to your Consultation, you are able to steer the Keepers toward the information you are looking for.

An activity you can use before your Consultation is to write the questions you plan to ask, then write sub-questions that help you get to the heart of the information you are looking for.

For instance, you might initially write, "What is my relationship with Henry?" Then, as sub-questions, you might write, "Why do I feel intimidated by Henry," or "How can I resolve my current conflict with Henry?"

By listing sub-questions, you might get closer to the heart of the questions you would like to have resolved. If you can bring a specific question to your Reading, you will be more likely to receive an answer that meets the heart of the issue you are asking about.


The Akashic Records contain information about the future, but because you have free will, you have the power to change the future with your choices. Because of this, questions about the future are often answered in terms of possibilities and potentials.
Instead of this:

Should or Shouldn't

Information in the Akashic Records is held in the energy of Love, so it does not contain implicit judgments. The word, should, implies that there is a right or a wrong way to do things. The Keepers of the Records cannot answer these kinds of questions because that would be equivalent to telling you how to choose, which would be equivalent to taking your free will from you. You will receive a more accurate answer if you can avoid the use of words that imply this kind of judgment.

Background Information

Because an Akashic Record Consultation is channeled from your Spirit Guides, there is no need to give any back ground information for your questions. Your Guides know you completely, so you can ask your questions as if you are speaking to an old friend or to one of your Angels -- they already know you!

Final Question

Many people find it useful to ask a general question at the end of their Reading, such as "Is there anything the Guardians of my Akashic Records want me to know?" or "Is there anything I should know that I haven't asked about so far?"

If your question was not answered here, or if you have a suggestion for the Guidelines, please contact Jen.