The Art of Asking Questions

I’ve been thinking about how much I appreciate the people who call in for my Live Channeling events and who submit questions for online topic channelings.  I appreciate your interest and the energy. And I really, really appreciate your questions. Without questions, I couldn’t really give you much from the Akashic Records.

Yup, that’s right. Your questions are the only way that information can effectively be drawn from the Akashic Records. The Records are so big, there is no way I can see them all at once. Even the Records of something very small and specific, like a spider, are far more vast than my mind can comprehend. I can only comprehend one answer at a time, and even then the information is overwhelmingly vast.

Questions are necessary. They are the keys that unlock the information. And without all of you, those questions would never be asked!

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Jen Eramith