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March 6 - 12, 2015

An Akashic Perspective on Enlightenment

As we move through Enlightenment, is it normal to experience big shifts of energy?

Yes it is a very normal part of Enlightenment to go through these energetic shifts.  People often think of the idea of Enlightenment as being very wonderful and blissful like you are somehow moving out of the difficulties of human life and into a kind of nirvana experience.  There will be moments that are like that but for the most part, Enlightenment is a difficult process, just like birth.  Birth is a wonderful thing.  It is the source of the pathway to life in this world.  Yet birth is incredibly traumatizing.  It is the death of one way of being and an entrance into an entirely new way of being.  It is the same for the process of Enlightenment.  This process requires that you experience the death of the way you have been, and you step bravely into a way of being that is new at every level of your being.

It is a very common symptom of Enlightenment to find sleep disruptions or energy disruptions.  This will mean that there will be times when you are very energized and creative and expansive.  Sometimes this energy appears jittery and anxious.  There will also be times when you are very tired when you feel as if your mind cannot find a presence here.  You find yourself daydreaming, you sleep a lot, and it is difficult to focus and get things done.

The difficulty in riding the waves between these two forms of energy lies in how much you resist them.  If you try to maintain a linear, regular schedule, you are going to find yourself resisting on either end -- resisting the high energy and therefore experiencing anxiety, or resisting the low energy and therefore experiencing exhaustion.  Instead, if you can be gentle with yourself, gentle with your body, to forgive yourself when you are not focused, then you can accept and harness the bigger energy when it comes along, using it for creative endeavors.  Then you can take those quiet moments and use them for healing.

It will be very useful as you go through Enlightenment to allow yourself long stretches of sleep occasionally.  Sometimes your body will call for it.  Just like a computer that needs to be shut down.  If you keep it running, even though it has been running too long, eventually it will crash and you will lose something in the crash.  Instead, if you regularly close it down by sleeping or daydreaming or giving yourself time that is unstructured, then you will more easily maintain your system.  You will be able to find energy to get things done when it really counts rather than exhausting your energy trying to maintain a schedule that no longer serves you.

There are specific things the Keepers have for each of you to do because each of you has a unique calling in this world.  There is no worldwide calling that is specific to all of you except that moving through Enlightenment only occurs if you are moving toward love.

The universal guideline from the Keepers is that you continue to investigate your personal experience.  Ask yourself whether you are being motivated by love or motivated by fear.  Look at the activities you do, look at the way you think about your life, look at how you make your decisions, look at your relationships, look at everything in your life and ask yourself, "Is this based in fear or is this based in love?"  Even if you are doing something that appears loving, it could be based in fear.  You might be afraid that the other person will leave you or afraid that they will not like you, so you do loving things.  If that loving action is based in fear, you are resisting your own Enlightenment.  You are holding onto patterns that will inevitably hold you back.

Keep looking for fear, things that motivate you that you are afraid of and find ways to eliminate those.  Find the things that you love and move toward those.  You will find that there is a natural flow and a natural rhythm in your life as you follow the lines of love that open up for you rather than trying to make things better by operating out of fear.