Superstorm Sandy

I never really know quite what to say when something tragic happens. Something like Superstorm Sandy, which hit the U.S. east coast this week, is so big that words just don’t really hit the mark.

My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering physically and emotionally this week from the storm. Even though there isn’t much I can do to soothe your suffering, I can provide a bit of information that came through the Akashic Records this week.

During three separate individual consultations this week, people asked about this storm and what they are meant to learn from it. Some of the answers to these questions are relevant to everyone, and with permission from those individuals, I will share some of what I channeled so we can all benefit.

Here are the highlights that I think might be relevant to at least a few of us:

1. The potential for this storm was set at the beginning of hurricane season. It was meant to be an especially brutal season, and because the need for large storms did not arise in other places earlier in the season, all that potential built up for Sandy.

2. It was always planned that Washington DC and New York City would experience natural events to shake things up around the time of 2012. Last year’s earthquake in this region was part of the same spiritual system as Sandy, and there is likely to be one more catastrophe in about two years for this region. How big it will be is yet to be determined.

3. This storm is not a punishment, it is a wake up call for everyone in the U.S. to recognize your connection to one another and develop more humility for your place in the larger picture of Planet Earth. You are smaller than you want to be, because being small feels vulnerable. But recognizing that vulnerability will allow you to move with the flow of nature rather than to resist it.

4. Once the physical potential for Sandy developed several weeks ago, it was set to hit the coast later in November. The development and approach of the storm were increased in order to hit before the U.S. elections. This is part of the wake up call. It is important that you vote from a place of humility and a recognition that you all need to work together to heal the world. You must engage in voting and helping, rather than in complaining or waiting for your leaders to fix things. This message is meant for every U.S. citizen at this time, regardless of where you live.

Part of that last message reminds me of the channeling I did when President Obama was first elected four years ago. I will post that channeling for the public this week and next week, and otherwise it can be found in my website archives which you can access with membership.

I am grateful for the individual clients who gave me permission to share some parts of their Personal Consultation channelings here. I always find it interesting when people ask about general topics in their individual readings, but I rarely get a chance to share it!


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