Channeling from the Akashic Records is like sitting down with a professor in a favorite subject -- the conversation begins with a simple question, but where the answer takes us is far more interesting than expected. I love the adventure of opening the Records of a topic that relates to all of us, such as what I offer here. Each channeling is about an hour long and has information ranging from the esoteric to specific, practice actions for us to take to enhance our experience. People tell me they find new information every time they listen, even after a dozen or more times. I hope you will find a depth of wisdom to guide you as you explore the ones that interest you most!

NEW -- Healing Trauma - Part II: This second part in a two-part series offers insights into how we can heal trauma for humanity. Learn how your personal healing inspires and affects healing across the world. The Akashic Records offer both insight and practical information about how we can supercharge our own healing through opening our hearts to others, including healing groups who are oppressed as well as healing those who behave in oppressive ways. Be prepared for a deep and affirming experience as you listen to this channeling! **Find Part I HERE**


Audio Channeling Library

Abundance and Scarcity in the Age of Light - A Personal and Global Perspective How can we think about abundance in a way that makes it accessible in everyday life? Learn how to develop practices that bring abundance into each moment. Explore how your own state of abundance contributes to abundance in the world!

Aging in the Age of Light: Envision aging as a process that is filled with Love and part of Enlightenment.  Join us to explore how to approach aging as it occurs physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Learn to harness the energetic power of your human life to guide your body and mind through a gentle, healing, and joyful aging process!

Aging in Elderhood - Stepping Into Wisdom with Peace and Compassion: Reframe the aging process and celebrate it for the powerful, rewarding journey it has always been in Spirit. Explore the stages of elderhood, and find out how you can move through them with grace. Learn how to support the elders in your life as they step into what can be the most joyful part of the journey!

The Akashic Records: A Deeper Look: As big changes sweep across the world, the Keepers offer insights into how healing a nation is interconnected with healing all individuals. Explore how recent political and social changes are moving all of humanity through a difficult and necessary healing process. Learn how you can engage with world events in ways that heal and empower you. There is much light to be found, even in surprising places!

Children - Working with Children in the Age of Light: Children can bring the greatest joys and the greatest challenges to adults in their lives. Learn how to navigate relationships with children in your life using some of the principles of Enlightenment.  Explore how childhood occurs differently in each generation.  Find ways to heal your own childhood and clear the way for a more joyful life! *Listen to a Clip!*

Children - Putting Down Roots and Spreading Wings: Learn to embrace the child inside you, thereby making room to embrace the children you know. Learn how to feel at ease with children from any position -- parent, teacher, friend, and so on.  Explore what stands in the way of your connection to children, and ultimately find out how you can fully access the gifts you hold inside you from your own childhood.

Community - Choose Your Family: Developing Spiritual Community in an Imperfect World: For many, the healing path includes coming to terms with painful family relationships and learning to build new relationships with healthier dynamics.  Learn how to recognize members of your spiritual family when the come into your life, and explore ways to build healthy and strong relationships with people regardless of how closely you are tied.  We will learn from the Keepers how to address community issues based on the new rules of the Age of Light.  It is time for all humans to find their tribe and grow in ways that enable you to belong like you never have before!

Compassion:  Cultivate a Lifestyle of Love in Action: We can live in compassion every day--in a way that leads to a fuller, more Love-filled life. Learn how compassion differs from Love, and how it intersects with wisdom. Explore practical ways compassion can help you be at peace with those who have hurt you.  This channeling helps make sense of the place of compassion in religion, Christ consciousness, and the Divine Masculine in ways that are enlightening and profoundly reassuring!

Conflict: From Destructive to Creative Force: Conflict is a vitally important aspect of human life that can lead to destruction and suffering, or it can open the way for deeper understanding and connection. Explore how conflict has evolved on Planet Earth, and how to see it from a more enlightened perspective. Learn ways to harness the creative force of conflict in your life!

Death and Dying: An Akashic Perspective:  What is the experience of death like? What happens after we die? How do our past life deaths affect out current life? Get an expanded perspective of the meaning and wisdom of death, and learn how to use your spiritual practice to build a peaceful relationship with the idea of dying, so you can be free to live more fully on the present moment!

Emotional Fulfillment: The Search is Over: Emotions are part of the human experience, and we can all learn how to be better attuned to and at peace with the emotions in our life. Learn more about how human emotions work. Explore how your experiences of emotion will shift as you continue to move through Enlightenment. Find an empowering and light-hearted approach to emotion that you can carry into your everyday life!

Emotional Bliss: Find Infinity within the Boundaries of your Life:  Limitation is a hallmark of human experience.  Learn how to work with limitation, rather than resist it, to create bliss. Explore exactly how to tell the difference between healthy boundaries and resistance or denial.  We will learn specific techniques for recognizing and holding the boundaries that keep our lives clear, healthy, and filled with joy!

Enlightenment in Real Life: Understand the Process The process of Enlightenment is happening across the globe, yet it is unique for every person.  Learn how to recognize the signs of this process in your own life, and to move through the changes it brings with grace.  Enlightenment does not give us an escape hatch to avoid the limitations of human life, but it does empower us to be healthier and happier as we experience all that life has to bring!

Enlightenment: Peace in the Process: It is easy to forget that Enlightenment is not a destination, it is a process!  Every one of us sometimes gets attached to the idea that we are failing if we have not yet achieved some sign or stage we have set our sights on, thereby becoming disheartened. There are specific tools for remembering the joy of the journey, and receive an energetic boost from the Akasha to help you along your path.

Enlightenment - Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll: The Place of Pleasure in Enlightenment: It is possible to use pleasure to enhance your enlightenment process, rather than to hold you back or distract you.  Learn how the physical body shifts in enlightenment, and how this changes your relationship to pleasure. Find out how to let go of compulsive behaviors and build a healthy relationship with pleasure. This channeling sheds light on topics that greatly affect us, yet are not often discussed with such clarity.  Listen, learn, and most of all, enjoy!

Enlightenment: Make Crystalline Energy Your Reality: Crystalline energy is the energy that makes up everything in the Universe.  Human beings have always blocked this energy in order to forget who we are so that we can experience human life as we know it.  Now that human evolution has led us past the darkest time in history, it is time to remember who we are and reclaim the power of crystalline energy.  Learn more about how this works and how you can access the divine energy that is your birthright!

Enlightenment: Step Into Clarity with Crystalline Energy: In a second Channeling on this fascinating topic, we explore more about crystalline energy. As it forms the basis for an enlightened reality, we are able to comprehend it more clearly as we move forward in the enlightenment process.  What are you ready to understand that you could never see before?

Extraterrestrial Life: Choosing Love Over Fear:  The idea of life beyond Earth opens us to our wildest imagination.  Like everything, we can choose to respond to our ideas with Love or with Fear.  Learn about some of the many forms that extraterrestrials can take, and how humanity is likely to experience extraterrestrial life in the years to come.  We explore how you can discern what is true about extraterrestrials, and how to navigate the enormous amount of information about them in your own life.  The way you regard extraterrestrial relationships is a reflection of all your relationships, and this exciting topic gives you yet another way to grow.

Family Roots: Learn to Love Where You Came From: Our family roots offer our most intriguing and difficult relationships. Learn about how the people in our childhood are carried with us through life in energetic form, and how to use those connections to find your own highest expression. We look at ways you can develop deeper self-love because of, not in spite of, your original family experiences.

Friendship: Finding the People Who Matter Most: How do friendship and close relationships help us to expand our capacity for Love?  Learn how to be closer to the people in your life, and to identify those relationships that make your life better. Soulmates often become dear friends, and this channeling gives insight into how to differentiate between a romantic or friendship potential when you meet a soulmate on your path. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your awareness and wisdom in all your relationships!

Food:  Our Spiritual Connection to the Natural World:  We have a relationship with food at every level, from global food production to the moment you put a bite into our mouth. Learn how food production will change as the Age of Light progresses, and how you can participate in making our relationship with food as enlightened as possible.  Explore the cross-currents between our emotions and thoughts on a personal level, and how the personal choices we make connect with the world around us!

Forgiveness: Learn to Live with Grace in Every Moment: The most powerful force in the world is Love, and the most powerful way we can experience Love is when it is given without condition. Learn how to use forgiveness to expand your capacity for Love. Find out how to be more forgiving of yourself and of others, and how to work with someone who struggles to forgive you. Explore new perspective on how forgiveness will guide our lives in the Age of Light!

Gender - Adam and Eve: The Final Chapter in Gender Duality:  Gender roles are changing as more people move through the Enlightenment process. Learn how to expand your relationship with all duality, including gender, in order to use it as a tool rather than a limitation. Explore your sense of identity as a whole person rather than one or the other gender, and as that whole person learn to be more deeply connected with others than ever before!

Gender - Boys and Girls: Gender in the Age of Light: The seeming duality of gender is one of the most fundamental divisions in the human experience. Delve into the nature of duality and explore how to use many different forms of duality to develop enlightenment.  Learn how to see past your assumptions about yourself and others, and how to form deeper relationships that embrace gender differences.  Here is a new perspective on very old ideas!

Gender: Honoring the Divine Feminine:  There is so much written about awakening the Divine Feminine. Learn new ways to see the Divine Feminine in the world around you.  For instance, contrary to the patriarchal view, the most fundamental characteristic of true femininity is strength!  We will explore deeper ways to connect with the Divine Feminine, and expanded ways of seeing it within yourselves.  There is room for everyone, women and men alike, to find and develop the strength of the Divine Feminine within!

Gender: Honoring The Divine Masculine: The Divine Masculine differs from patriarchal masculinity. Learn about how each of us can uncover the Divine Masculine in our lives and liberate ourselves from oppression and become more whole as individuals. This is profoundly important information about the next evolutionary step for humanity!

Gender - Inner Union: Awaken Both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine:  There is a deep relationship between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. In the material world, masculine and feminine are seen as opposites. In Spirit, the Masculine and Feminine are intertwining energies that participate in a cooperative conversation. Learn how to join that conversation from your deepest heart. We will learn ways to live with both energies fully active, thereby making way for you to live as a more whole human being.

Government and Social Structures in the Age of Light: Every individual is involved in re-creating social structures based on empowerment and joy. Learn more about how government and social structures can be revised and created in the Age of Light.

Healing Trauma - Part I: Healing trauma is one of the most difficult and necessary parts of life. The Akashic Records offer vital information about how to not only heal, but to embrace and thrive as you heal the traumatized parts of yourself. This first part of a two-part channeling is focused on the personal journey. Be sure to watch for the second part which addresses healing trauma for groups and the world at large. It is not only possible, but it is your birthright to have the ability to become stronger and more brilliant because of the way you survive and heal from traumatic events. Learn how to claim this birthright through radical love and acceptance, and incredible closeness with others!

Healing Trauma - Part II: This second part in a two-part series offers insights into how we can heal trauma for humanity. Learn how your personal healing inspires and affects healing across the world. The Akashic Records offer both insight and practical information about how we can supercharge our own healing through opening our hearts to others, including healing groups who are oppressed as well as healing those who behave in oppressive ways. Be prepared for a deep and affirming experience as you listen to this channeling!

Healing the USA: As big changes sweep across the world, the Keepers offer insights into how healing a nation is interconnected with healing all individuals. Explore how recent political and social changes are moving all of humanity through a difficult and necessary healing process. Learn how you can engage with world events in ways that heal and empower you. There is much light to be found, even in surprising places!

Health: The Role of Reproductive Cycles in Enlightenment: Learn how the cycles of reproduction offer a deeper connection to Spirit for both men and women. Explore ways to connect to your own personal cycle and use it for empowerment. The physical body is a unique and powerful tool for Enlightenment!

Health and Healing: Harness the Power of Love: Many of us will benefit from a new perspective on how healing works. Explore how self-love can be used to facilitate healing for yourself and others.  Learn how resistance to your feelings and experiences can create barriers to healing, and identify steps to help accept and embrace your own goodness as a way to set the stage for self-healing. You can build a vision for how everyday healing can become a way of life!

Health: The Place of Holistic Care in the Age of Light:  Physical health is becoming more reliant on a holistic approach. As humans evolve, it is becoming more necessary that your body, mind, and spirit be in alignment with one another in order to maintain integrity and health. Learn how to listen to your body and respond to your unique needs for physical health. This is an exciting time on Planet Earth that can be made more comfortable with mindful attention to the wisdom of your body.

Hope: How to Hold Light in the Darkness: Reclaim hope as your divine birthright! Learn more about how hope will shift as you move through Enlightenment. Explore how to heal your relationship with hope so you know when to hold on and when to surrender.  And, finally, learn how to stand comfortably in a sense of hope that cannot be diminished by the despair of those around you.

Hope:  Keeping Your Light Alive in Every Circumstance: There are two sides of hope. One includes clinging to attachments that lead to denial and exhaustion. The other involves letting go of expectations and learning to trust each process as it unfolds. Learn how to hold the light of hope and love as you step into the mystery of life.  Explore ways to feel hopeful in the face of overwhelming emotion or tragedy. Redefine hope in your life and embrace more freedom and love!

Hurricanes and Typhoons - Hurricanes and typhoons hold a special place in the dynamics of global weather systems and in our collective consciousness. This Channeling provides and exploration of how hurricanes and typhoons are shaped by human consciousness, and how they in turn shape the trajectory of humanity. Learn how to work with these storms on both a physical and spiritual level in order to provide the best help for those in their paths, and to shift your own consciousness toward enlightenment.

Karma: What We Need to Know in 2018: What is the nature of karma in an enlightened world? Are we moving toward a time when karma is obsolete? Find out what the the Akashic Records can tell us about karma from an enlightened perspective. Learn how to use karma as a tool to enhance every part of your life, and how to work through past life issues in a way that is more accessible than you may have ever imagined!

Karma in the Age of Light: The Rules Have Changed: The Law of Karma is evolving as we enter the Age of Light. Learn how to recognize karmic patterns in your life and transform them into deeper wisdom. Karma is not disappearing, but it has become more flexible and spontaneous. Explore the idea of instant karma, and how to harness it to make your life more authentic and joyful!

Meditation Practice: Make it Work: Developing a personal meditation practice is vital to finding peace and power through the Enlightenment process. For many, this is easier said than done.  This vitally important and useful channeling offers concrete information about what meditation is, how it can be done, and what it means when your practice changes.

Meditation Practice: Be Here Now in the Present Moment: Explore what it really means to be present.  Learn how to be at peace with the present moment by being more at home with yourself.  Learn how to find acceptance and grace in regard to your choices.  Receive practical knowledge on meditation and other tools to help be more present and available for life’s magical moments!

Planet Earth:  Your Spiritual Relationship with Mother Nature:  There is a powerful, loving spiritual contract between Planet Earth and the human family. Learn what was promised long ago, and how you can participate in helping this powerful relationship evolve.  We will explore the divine love that exists within Planet Earth and how it can be accessed. Bring an open heart and a willingness to feel more deeply!

Planet Earth: Healing Our Relationship With The Natural World: Learn how your body holds the key to connecting with nature, and get specific exercises to bring your energy into alignmnet with the natural world. There is mutual expansion occurring between Earth and humanity. Learn how to tap into the power of collective healing together.

Planet Earth: Learn to Speak the Language of Plants and Animals Our connection with the natural world is part of our sacred birthright. Some people feel it more than others, but every one of us is deeply connected and deeply affected by the plants and animals that surround us.  Learn to sense that connection more clearly, and to understand the messages that plants and animals offer.  Explore how you can expand your everyday perception to include a sacred dialogue with all living beings!

Planet Earth: Connect with the Power Centers of Portal and Vortex Energy Planet Earth provides gateways to the Spirit World.  Learn how to recognize vortices, and how to engage with the energy they offer. Find out how portals can be opened and utilized safely and with clear intention. Explore the role individuals play in helping to manage and maintain the power centers of Planet Earth. Help bring more love and light to the world through these incredible energies!

Psychic Boundaries: Practices for Protecting Your Spirit: The Shadow in the Age of Enlightenment gives us a chance to understand the interplay of dark and light in human life. Learn more about how to work with both dark and light in order to serve the ultimate outcome of Love. Learn the five principles for effectively doing shadow work that is always centered in light and love. Explore how the challenges in your life bring your shadow work to the surface in order to open the way for Light!

Psychic Protection: Using Love as a Psychic Tool: The power of human love has yet to be tapped by humanity. You have made great strides in understanding energy and working with Spirit. Yet the most direct way to master these principles is by feeling love for yourself and others.  Learn the dynamics of how this works in the physical world, and explore specific practices that will help you harness the power of your love to enhance your life and the lives of others.

Psychic Gifts:  How They Work and How to Use Them:  Are you looking for guidance on using intuition and clairvoyance?  Each of us has our own psychic gifts and can learn how to identify and use them. Explore ways that psychic gifts exist in everyday life, and find out how you can harness them to expand Love in your own life.  This channeling will help ground the energy of psychic gifts in Love and Light!

Romance:  Making Sense of an Expanded Capacity for Love: Romance can coexist with Universal Love. Explore how the rules for romance must change as more people enter the enlightenment process. Learn ways to connect deeply with many people while maintaining integrity in your primary relationships. It is now possible to experience Love in a way that is grounded, authentic, and more expansive than ever before!

Self Love: Practices for Everyday Life: We can only love others as much as we love ourselves, yet sometimes it is difficult to release the inner critic and accept ourselves just as we are. Rind out how to make Self Love more accessible in everyday life. Learn three exercises to help make more room for loving yourself every day, warts and all!

Sleep as a Spiritual Journey: There are so many spiritual purposes of sleep. Explore how sleep can lead to astral travel, as well has how it can be used to heal and ground your everyday experiences. The Keepers offer specific techniques for sleeping well making sleep enriching and enlightening.  Learn how sleep changes with age and what different cultures can learn from one another in regard to sleep.  Don’t miss these insights into such a vitally important part of our lives!

Social Movements in the Age of Enlightenment: There is a new perspective on social activism.  Learn how the process of changing society has shifted as we enter the Age of Light.  Explore techniques for becoming more effective, and for maintaining a deeper sense of peace as work to make the world a better place for everyone!

Social Change and Leadership: You are the Ones You've Been Waiting For: Humanity has waited thousands of years for the Year 2012.  Now that you have arrived, it is time to stop waiting. Explore what it means to stop waiting and start living in the Age of Light.  If you are aware that humanity is evolving, then you are called to lead the evolution. Learn how to step into leadership in the way that will work best for your life.  Learn to follow your calling and begin to partner with Spirit more than every before!

Social Change: Global Economy and Infrastructure in the Age of Light: Learn how to navigate the changing world of global economy and infrastructure. The Keepers outline the values and rules that are governing the emerging global economy. They give specific guidelines for developing business and other endeavors in harmony with the changing world, and they outline how you can thrive, and let go of old limitations.

The Solar System: August 2017 Eclipse -This Channeling offers an overall perspective on the meaning and power of eclipses. Learn about the relationships between the Moon, the Sun, and the Earth — and explore how you can harness the energy of these celestial powers. Gain insight into the complete solar eclipse of August, 2017. The Keepers offer wisdom the guide through this single event, as well as the many eclipses that will come along in years to come!

Soulmates: Expand Your Capacity for Falling in Love: Falling in love can be one of the most wonderful experiences on Earth.  Limitations in cultural norms and expectations can also make it one of the most confusing experiences on Earth.  Learn why people sometimes fall in love with those who do not love in return, and why falling in love does not always lead to a lifetime of happiness.  Explore your unique style for falling in love and learn how you can expand love for yourself, your partner, and the world around you!

Soulmates: Who Are They and How Do We Find Them?: The Keepers reveal that the idea of soulmates is not always singular.  Some people have a one-and-only soulmate, and many more have multiple soulmates.  Most of you have built profoundly loving relationships with many souls.  The challenge and the fun of living on Earth at this time is that you can join with many soulmates and form different kinds of loving relationships in order to be close to each one of them. Learn how to recognize your soulmates, and how to make room for bigger love in all your relationships!

Social Change: Success in the Age of Light:  There is a definition for success that enables all people to succeed together. Listen to learn exactly how to adjust your approach to personal, social, and professional success toward the flow of Universal energy. Much like the Law of Attraction, this formula for success facilitates your personal empowerment, and it is custom made for the new economy.

Spiritual Practice: Embrace the Dark Without Losing Your Light: The Shadow in the Age of Enlightenment provides a deeper understanding of the interplay of dark and light in human life, and how to work with both in order to serve the ultimate outcome of Love.  Learn the five principles for effectively doing shadow work that is always centered in light and love.  Join us to explore how the challenges in your life bring your shadow work to the surface in order to open the way for Light!

Time and Space: Understanding the Power of Third Dimensional Reality: Time and space provide our souls the unique opportunity to live as human beings learning patience, order, compassion and wisdom. Learn to see time and space as tools to enhance your life, rather than as limitations that you must transcend.  Learn how time and space were created in the cosmos, and the divine mission of human souls to master them!

Year 2018: The Year of Karma: Join us to learn about the potential for 2018 from the Akashic Records. The description of this year comes in the metaphor of a gymnast landing after a difficult routine. Learn how you can use karma to find balance and a tremendous sense of personal power this year. And gain vital insights into how you can use the energy of the year to find your feet again when you fall. The Keepers outline a map for how the year is likely to unfold, and how karma will play a large role in both personal and collective events. Don’t miss this exciting channeling — a resource you can turn to throughout the coming year!

Year 2017: The Year of PeacebuildingThis Channeling from the Akashic Records gives an insightful outlook on the Year 2017. Learn about the challenges ahead, and how you can use the energy to improve your own journey. Explore how humanity will be changing over the course of the year, and how you can participate in creating a more peaceful world!

Year 2016:  The Year of Caring:  What is possible in 2016? Join us to explore how humanity is likely to grow and change during this time.  Learn how caring and compassion can be used as tools to improve your own life and the lives of those around you.  Together, we will learn how to thrive in 2016. Find a special meditation download for the Year 2016 here!

Year 2015: The Year of Action: This is a preview of the energetic potentials for the Year 2015.  Learn why the Keepers have called this the Year of Action, as well as the Year of Waiting, the Year of Faith, the Year of Mistakes, and the Year of Forgiveness. Sound like a busy year?  It will be! Learn how to make the most of this exciting and intense period. Make 2015 it a year filled with love and harmony!

Year 2014:  The Year of Authority: Explore how humanity will evolve this year, and how you can use the energetic patterns to enhance your own journey. The Year 2014 has been called the Year of Authority because many hierarchies and leadership models will fall apart and be revised. Explore what true authority means in the Age of Light, and learn to stand more powerfully in your own authority than ever before!

Year 2013: Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Year 2013 has been waiting in the shadow of 2012 for a very long time. Explore the potentials and possibilities that await us now that 2012 is ending and we can finally look ahead.  In this event, we will explore how the shifts of 2012 are unfolding, and what choices are available for you now that were never possible before.  Learn how to harness the power of choice in your life in order to steer toward the directions that will serve you best.  You each have more power than ever before to influence the collective direction of humanity.  Learn to use it with joy as we look ahead together.

Year 2012: The Year of the Wheel The Year 2012 has been a popular subject for many years, and we are finally near enough to see what the potentials of the year will bring!  Join us to find out what we can expect on both the individual and collective levels. Learn how the energy of this year will spread like the spokes of a wheel, requiring that we choose once and for all what directions we will take in our lives and on our soul paths.


After 2012: Enlightenment, Apocalypse, and the Age of Light (Five-Part Series: for each installment, see below): People have been foreseeing the end of the world as we know it for many generations, and in nearly every culture across the world.  Here is your chance to get an Akashic perspective on how all these different prophesies fit together.  Learn the true meaning of apocalypse, how it relates to the concepts of good and evil, and how you can best work with end-of-time prophesies to lead you through Enlightenment.

After 2012: Part I:   This first installment of this multi-part series contains answers questions such as, "What is the meaning of the battle between light and dark forces here on Earth?"  "Are things changing faster or more slowly than has been predicted for 2012?" and "What will humanity be like after the shift?"  It is time to bring together all the rumors and explore how they relate to real life issues and choices!

After 2012: Part II: This second installment focuses on questions regarding collective change and the process of enlightenment. "Are things changing faster than what was predicted by the Keepers?" "How will the human experiment come to an end and how can we prepare for this?" "Who are the spirit groups that are leading the shift into Enlightenment?" "Are the revolutions currently happening around the world related to enlightenment?" "What is the role of indigo and crystal children, in conjunction with the Elders on this planet, in the evolution of humanity?"

After 2012: Part III: The third installment addresses the questions around the process of Enlightenment, specifically what it looks like after December 2012, and beyond. Find out the answers to questions like: "What will humanity be like in the Age of Light? What phase of this Age are we in?" "How do we know that we're moving through Enlightenment?" and more.

After 2012: Part IV: This Channeling gives even more information about how the world has changed and is continuing to change now that the Year 2012 has passed. This was originally planned as a three-part series, but the questions have continued to pour in on this fascinating topic, and we are happy to channel as much guidance as possible from the Keepers for this exciting time.  Listen to explore more practical ways to adjust your life in order to harness the power of the Age of Light.

After 2012: Part V: This is the fifth and final installment of this important series. Listen to what the Keepers have to say about how to best harness the power of the Age of Light within your own daily life, and be prepared for a very powerful conclusion.

Year 2011

Year 2011: Part 1: The Keepers have labeled 2011 as the Year of Preparation, and they also call it the Year of Grounding. This channeling discusses how to heighten your connection to Planet Earth, build your inner and outer resources, and develop a clear sense of what you need to move forward into 2012 and beyond.

Year 2011: Part 2: The Year 2011: Part 1 Channeling gave us a powerful outlook on initial expectations for 2011.  Because so much was initially unclear due to unrealized potentials in the second part of the year, we accessed the Records again in June 2011 to find out what has emerged for the second half of the year.  This is relevant even after 2011 has passed as the Records detail why and how much is changing, how to use the changes to make your life better, and how to navigate the upcoming years with grace and joy!

Healing the Human Family Series:

1) Healing Racism: Humanity is ready to turn the tide away from all forms of oppression.  Learn about how racism is connected to other forms of oppression, and get two powerful tools you can use to help resolve racism beginning today. This channeling is the first of five in the Healing the Human Family series.

2) Healing Classism: Humanity is ready to turn the tide away from all forms of oppression. Learn about how classism is connected to other forms of oppression, and how it is the one form of oppression that is easiest to address! This channeling is the second of five in the Healing the Human Family series.

3) Healing Sexism and Homophobia: Sexism is the oldest and deepest form of oppression, and homophobia is simply a version of sexism. Learn how to reclaim the strengths and gifts held inside you that were lost through sexism.  And learn how to reclaim your ability to celebrate the gifts of others and clear the way for a society based on the shared joy of mutual creation. This channeling is the third of five in the Healing the Human Family series.

4) Healing Religious Intolerance: Religious intolerance is based on your beliefs about the beliefs of other people.  Because it is based on belief and, therefore, exists only in the realm of ideas, it is the most easy for people to think their way out of it.  According to the Keepers, the only way religious intolerance will be healed is by letting go of your ideas about what others believe and any agenda to change the beliefs of others.  This is easier said than done! Learn specific tools to help you release your beliefs and agendas, and to help heal religious intolerance in your life and for the entire human family. This channeling is the fourth of five in the Healing the Human Family series.

5) Healing Isolation: Reclaiming Your Affinity for Deep Connection: Many people feel long to feel more connected with their loved ones, or to attract more loved ones into their lives.  It is our birthright, and indeed our purpose as humans, to experience meaningful connections with others throughout our lives.  This Channeling offers a deeper understanding of loneliness, and specific techniques for overcoming it. This channeling is the last of five in the Healing the Human Family series.