Sacred Objects

I recently attended an event for which the speaker was running late. The audience had gathered by the time she arrived, and we sat awkwardly as she took an additional twenty minutes to carefully set up a beautiful altar. The altar was lovely, but I wondered if the good vibes it created were enough to make up for the tension in the room as we waited. Sometimes putting on a spiritual event is like a theater production.

Have you noticed how many props are available for spiritual activities? Crystals, candles, and incense abound. There are sacred tapestries and carved statues of deities -- feathers, claws, teeth and leather. We even use gold, frankincense and myrrh! I love the way these things remind us that objects can be infused with sacred energy. 

Yet sometimes, like when I sat through that alter set-up, I wonder if we might be overdoing it just a bit. If we're not careful, we can spend a lot of money in those beautiful New Age bookshops buying props for our spiritual practice.  It's easy to fall into thinking that one particular object will either make or break our spiritual practice.

The Akashic Records tell us that all objects hold energy, and any object can be sacred. My favorite example of this, given often in channelings, is a child’s toy or blanket. Imagine the love, tenderness, and possibility infused in that object through hours of play and snuggling.  I think some of the most powerful objects we can use in our practice are the ones that emerge from the love in our everyday lives.  A treasured toy, jewelry from a beloved grandmother, or a stone we pick up on a beautiful day -- these are deeply sacred.

This ability of objects to hold energy also extends to those things we reject. I’ve had a broken bookshelf in my bedroom for two months now, and every time I see it I feel just a little bad about it. That means I feel just a little bad every night as I go to bed and every morning when I wake up. By now I have infused that poor bookshelf with hundreds of tiny, unhappy thoughts.

Spring is a great time to examine the energy we infuse into the objects around us, and make adjustments so that our physical surroundings support harmony. Fill your space with love, and get rid of the things that make you feel bad. That’s the reason I’m off to fix that bookshelf! 

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Jen Eramith