Emotional Fulfillment: The Search is Over


It can be easy to develop the habit of waiting for emotional fulfillment.  We think to ourselves, “When this happens, I’ll be happy.” Or, “Once I finish this project, then I will stop to grieve.”  The path of the Lightworker requires that you stop waiting to feel emotions, both negative or positive.  Learn to become comfortable enough with your emotions that can rise and fall with ease.  Learn to find a sense of well-being in every moment, regardless of what emotions arise.  It is time to allow a joyful fulfillment to permeate your life!

This Channeling offers a deep exploration of how human emotion works.  Learn why emotions are part of the human experience, and how you can be attuned and at peace with the emotions that arise in your life.  Explore how your experiences of emotion will shift as you continue to move through Enlightenment.  Find an empowering and light-hearted approach to emotion that you can carry into your everyday life!