Past Lives in the Akashic Records

Past lives are a really interesting part of what we find in the Akashic Records. Past lives come up all the time in consultations for individual people. When I’m channeling for an individual person, I often find that information about their current situation can only be explained by outlining a past life. So much of our current path is connected to what our soul has been doing for ages.

When I look at past lives in the Akashic Records, they always appear according to two principles – meaningful themes and what is most relevant now.

The second organization is by meaningful themes. A theme might be a lesson, such as forgiveness or patience. It might be a skill your soul is developing over many lifetimes, such as teaching. Themes are sometimes centered on a larger endeavor your soul is dedicated to, such as the development of science or democracy. Or sometimes our souls develop a theme around something we are just interested in experiencing, such as fire, isolation, or motherhood.

The Akashic Records are always organized by what is relevant in the present moment. The truth about the Akasha is that it is timeless, so there really is nothing other than the present moment and the information that informs it. The information that informs the present moment often comes from the past, but it’s not organized by the linear timeline we’ve invented. It’s organized by what matters now.

If you’re a science geek like me, you might think of it like the structure of a protein. Proteins are long strands of molecules that are folded up into particular shapes. A protein strand can be unfolded and refolded to form an entirely new protein with completely different characteristics. That’s how the linear timeline occurs in the Akashic Records. It’s always folded according to what is meaningful for you in the present moment. The strand of information refolds itself continually based on what you need to learn, which changes moment by moment as you progress. The points where information intersects are the places where you will find the most useful meaning for your current endeavors. (I think of those points as the themes, mentioned above.) 

See how time re-sorts itself according to meaning? Neat, huh?

Sometimes people ask to know what their most recent lifetime was. When I look in the Akashic Records for this, I hardly ever see it. Instead, I see what is most relevant. It’s like I’m trying to look in a storybook for a mathematical equation. I see lots of meaning, but I don’t see the linear timeline. When I connect with the spirit beings that are the Keepers of the Akashic Records for the answer, the sense I get from them is like a shrug. They don’t organize information by time because that’s not an efficient way to deliver meaningful information. Chronology isn’t what matters – meaning is what matters. The information is organized in a way that will lead us to deeper wisdom, higher power, and greater joy.

Sounds simple enough, right?

After years of looking in the Records, I’ve become far less attached in my own life to keeping track of chronological order. I find that I can’t remember if I ate dinner before going to a movie or afterward, because it doesn’t matter. What matters is how the food affected my body, and what I learned from the movie.

Unfortunately, this also means I’m less skilled at remembering chronology when it does matter, like when I can’t remember if I turned off the stove today…. or was that yesterday? The perils of working as a channeler!

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  1. June 19, 2011 at 16:23

    Very nice post, I agree, and I like the protein analogy a lot! It occurs to me that fear is like a prion. I have a theme of past lives as spiritual writers trying to help human evolution and getting stuck on the problem of evil and apocalyptic scenarios. A channeler just confirmed another German mystic lifetime of mine that I suspected but was avoiding because Jacob was so persecuted, and it was coming up more lately. Ahtun Re suggested that after humanity's chakras open then the recurring patterns of downfall will be blueprints for what to fix, so I need to not be afraid to go back and read all of my past life visions. It's hard because it takes me from Atlantis through Nazi Germany. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Anyway, a friend pointed me to your blog and I'll look forward to reading more in the future, all the best to you on your journey!