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Every month, I host a Live Channeling through my website. These events take place by conference call so people can call in from anywhere, and they always feature a topic that I get from the Akashic Records. I do a channeling in my own, personal Akashic Records every couple of months to find out what topics would be most beneficial for everyone, and then I plan events to bring you those topics.

Last week I posted the new Channeling Events for the remainder of 2011. Here’s what we’ve got coming up:

June 15 – “Adam and Eve: The Final Chapter in Gender Duality

July 13 – “Light in the Darkness: How to Hold Hope When Others Falter

August 10 – “The Search is Over: Find Emotional Fulfillment Now

September 21 – “Year 2012: The Year of the Wheel

November 9 – “Bliss: Find Infinity Within the Boundaries of Your Life

December 7 – “Time and Space: Understand the Power of Third Dimensional Reality” 

Do you notice a theme? I don’t think I would see it on first glance, but luckily I get to cheat by seeing how they all fit together when I look at them in the Records. The theme is, as we are preparing for 2012, that we must work with what we have rather than try to transcend it or clear it away.

Look at the titles -- finding emotional fulfillment now, achieving bliss by managing boundaries, and using time and space instead of being limited by them – all of these ideas are based on accepting the constraints of our lives instead of resisting them. When we do that, we can work with them rather than being in constant denial or struggle. And this puts us in a powerful position to make changes.

I think this might be the key to what’s to come after 2012. If we are creating Heaven on Earth, then that means we are working with what’s here on Earth. There is no more time for denying our circumstances, or for waiting to transcend them.

Maybe the theme of 2012 should be No More Waiting. No more waiting for the second coming, no more waiting for the apocalypse – nope, it’s just us here and now. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

I’m excited to hear what will come from the Akashic Records in the next few months because I’m hoping we’ll all get more information about the joy of embracing our lives and making the very best of them!

(PS – If you’re wondering why there is not a topic for October – it's because I didn’t get a one from the Records. There was a sense that something important is happening that month that is not yet foreseeable. I think the topic will come when we get closer, which just makes me incredibly curious about what it will be. Stay tuned – I will post this on my website calendar as soon as I have it!)

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