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The Akashic Records of November 2018 (an excerpt from the Monthly Message)

The feeling of the month is like a big burst, like a firework. This is an energy that is based on the heart center and the vibration of love. It is the energy of passion and a bursting energy with your heart. It can be like falling in love and it can equally be heartbreak. Both of those experiences could be described by a burst of energy through your heart center.

This energy will support people across the world at all levels as you experience a rapid expansion of your heart energy. For many, this will involve heartbreak and a breaking open to shine brighter. It is as if your heart energy has been growing inside an egg, and the egg must break so that you can continue to grow. You are each like a little bird, a butterfly, or a lizard growing out of an egg or breaking out of a cocoon. There will be heartbreak this month, but there will also be a massive expansion of love.

It will be important that you take good care of your hearts, and that you spend time with people who love you. The most important thing you can do is to spend time loving others. Put your attention on what you love, and cultivate a sense of love amidst the things that are breaking, bursting, and moving too fast. Choose to slow down and feel the love amidst the heartbreak...










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