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The Akashic Records of October 2018 (an excerpt from the Monthly Message)

The energy this month sounds like a drumbeat in the distance growing louder and stronger. It is also like the image of a tiny seedling on time-lapse photography growing into a giant tree. There is a feeling of swelling and growing in a supportive environment. It is not that you are being pulled upward; it is you are being lifted upward by supportive, nurturing energy.

This energy is an outgrowth of what has occurred in September -- a sense of coming together, forming stronger friendships, and becoming a better ally to those around you. This arises from allowing others to support you as well. The energy this month has a grassroots feeling of people coming together. There is truly a feeling of choruses singing in harmony. It is not quite a celebration of victory, but more of a sense of cheering together, “We can do this.”

The energy of the month supports a great deal of social activity and working together for a common goal. It is very important that you focus on what you have in common with those around. Start with a genuine bond of caring for someone, and around something that you have in common. It might be something very simple like your favorite food. But that small commonality can expand the territory of your common ground until you find a true sense of understanding. This month you will find it easier to be allies for one another rather than being defined by the ways you disagree.

It is important that people operate in a sense of togetherness right now. Look for social activity that empowers you and excites you. Open your heart and try to say yes to opportunities to be close to other people, and especially to work together with other people during this powerful month.










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