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The Akashic Records of September 2019 (an excerpt from the Monthly Message)

The energy this month is cold, clear, and fresh. It can come as a welcome sense of relief, but there is an element of surprise involved. It is a little bit like falling into a cold body of water, with a sense of shock. You may experience surprises throughout the month. Often these will come in the form of new information or a new sense of clarity that is striking. Another way to think of how this energy will appear in your life is as the proverbial cold shower. It will bring cooling tempers and passions, which can provide a sense of ease.

It will be really important to pay attention this month. It is not a time to slide along or let things roll on their own; it is not a time to be overwhelmed by emotions. This is a time to stay in the mental plane, to think about details, and to follow through on information. Ask questions and make sure you get a clear answer. It is important that you stay actively clear in your thinking this month. Staying alert will help you get the most from the month, and you will avoid some of the struggles that can come when clear information enters your sphere.













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