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The Akashic Records of April 2019 (an excerpt from the Monthly Message)

It will be important that you avoid too much distraction or chaos. This is a time when you might not want to say yes too many social engagements or requests from others. It is fine to engage with others, it is fine to be social, but this month err on the side of being alone, being quiet, and having a more empty calendar rather than a full calendar.

The feeling of compression makes the month go by really fast. There is a feeling that April is going to go by in an instant. Do not fill your time so much that you do not even notice what is happening as the month goes by. Empty your time, make space, say “no” more often, be very picky about what you say “yes” to. In that way, you will enable yourself to harness the energy rather than have it all slip away...













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