JenEramithJen Eramith, MA

Jen treasures her work as an Akashic Records Consultant and spiritual teacher. She acts as a channel for people to access the Records, and she teaches people to expand their own divine connection to Spirit.

Jen has a special gift for helping people find their own, unique way of accessing the Akashic Records. She offers classes and mentorship to those who feel called to channeling work, and to those who wish to expand their intuition.

Jen’s website,, offers one of the most expansive resources for Akashic Records information found anywhere online.


A Note From Jen:

I have been offering Akashic Record consultations since 2001, and have been teaching people to access the Records since 2004. I first learned to access the Akashic Records when I was a massage therapist and a graduate student in Communication Studies. I found that I was encouraged to be intuitive as a healer, and to be rational as an academic. It is through working with the Akashic Records that I have found an expression for both intuition and rational thinking that work well together.

From the beginning, I have found the Akashic Records to give clear and accurate answers to questions about personal life and worldwide topics. I have offered thousands of consultations for people around the world and consistently find the Akashic Records offer a clear and incredibly loving source for people to understand their own divine nature and the wisdom of the Universe.

At this time in the world, mystical healers and spiritual channelers are widely available. I believe it is imperative that we all remain true to what feels right to us regardless of what messages we receive from others. In order to be sure that I work with integrity, I require measurable, consistent accuracy from myself as a channel and ask that my clients hold me to a high level of clarity. I encourage you to use both your intuition and your thinking as you determine whether you would like to work with me, and to hold true to what feels right and makes sense to you.

One thing I enjoy most about channeling information from the Akashic Records is seeing how empowered people become as they understand their divine expressions and unique roles in the Universe. Without fail, the Akashic Records offer truth in a way that really does set us free! I find that the energy and information conveyed through an Akashic Records consultation often serve as accelerators for people in their lives. Ultimately, the Akashic Records emphasize the importance of trusting your individual path – it will lead you places you never dreamed could be so wonderful!

Because I began this work from the perspective of an academic, I bring a healthy degree of skepticism to the intuitive work of channeling. I believe that rational thought and rigorous investigation hold an important place in the process of channeling from Spirit -- they allow us to keep our eyes open and to protect ourselves from being manipulated. I also believe that faith holds an important place in our process – it allows us to keep our hearts open and to see things beyond what is familiar. It is vital that we embrace both rationality and faith in order to grow and expand along our own paths.

The Akashic Records are meant to be accessible to everyone. Without exception, I find that every person is born with the ability and birthright to access the information in our Akashic Records. Every person has a unique life path, and every person has a unique way of knowing the wisdom contained in their Records. It is the birthright of every human to understand our inherent divinity, and we do this through prayer, meditation, dance, laughter, and countless other ways. From this perspective, every time we have an internal knowing about something or receive an answer through prayer or other means, we are accessing the wisdom held in the Records. There are infinite ways to access the Records, and it is vital that we all listen to our instincts and our hearts in order to follow our own pathways to Truth.

I treasure my work as an Akashic Records Consultant. I strive to offer a clear and compassionate channel for receiving information from the Akashic Records. I offer consultations for individuals, relationships, businesses and groups. I invite you to join me in finding more love, light, and empowerment through working with the Akashic Records!

For those who feel called to develop their own ability to access their Records and expand their intuition. If you are curious to know what it's like to work with the Akashic Records you can read updates about the process in my blog. You can find up-to-date insights about my work there anytime!

Jen Eramith, MA