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I’ve always said the primary preparation for channeling lies in living a life that supports clarity, calm, and an ability to trust my inner voice so that I can trust the voice of the Akashic Records. These are all good things that were relatively easy to maintain before my second child came along. Now, trying to find that inner calm seems impossible as I am constantly needed, yelled at, drooled on, snuggled, and otherwise occupied by two small children. (See the photo of us -- such lovely snuggles, yet I am often just trying not to drop someone or get knocked over!)

As I look back on my first year of parenting two, I’ve been reflecting on how parenthood has brought to light some of the dynamics of channeling. People often ask about the nuts and bolts of this work, so I thought I'd share some of my reflections here.

There are many ways that spiritual channeling, like other professions, demands a particular type of attention and preparation. As a channeler, I have to be able to set myself aside completely. In a sense I have to be able to enter a state of deep meditation on demand. I can’t rush quickly into the office if I’m running late. I can’t spend the day feeling flustered then arrive ready for work. Parenting has helped me see there are three things in particular that must happen on any given day in order for me to be the best channeler of the Records for you.

First, I must keep a lifestyle that supports my channeling work on a physical level. This includes never using alcohol or other mind-altering substances at least 48 hours before a channeling, and typically just not using them at all. I don’t even take medicine for hay fever in the spring! This was always an easy one for me until baby number two came along and caffeine became a staple of my diet. Luckily, though, avoiding other kinds of substances has matched up nicely with my protocol for breastfeeding. So as long as I can keep my eyes open without caffeine, channeling and parenthood have worked well together.

It's the second one where things start to fall apart. In order to be a clear channel I must stay on top of my emotional work, lest my emotions interfere with my interpretation of the Akashic Records. This includes being aware of and dealing with my emotions as they arise. It also includes having the conversations, making the apologies, asking the questions, and generally being in relationships that keep my personal drama to a minimum. If you can imagine, a toddler and a baby aren’t too patient with me as I try to communicate with the adults in my life. And they are so busy showing me ALL their emotions, there isn’t much room for me to deal with mine. I spend most days maintaining a calm exterior for my children, and end up with a backload of my own unresolved emotions just waiting to come out. So before a channeling session, try to take at least 30 minutes to reflect on my own stuff and set it aside. And if I can manage it, I try to have an appointment with my therapist a day or two beforehand, too!

The third things that needs to happen is somewhat new since becoming a parent. Each channeling session requires that I completely forget my own personal life for the duration of the channeling. As much as possible, I truly become "not me," but simply a channel for the Records. I physically take off my wedding ring and cover up the pictures of my family in my office. I decide to trust that everything I hold dear will be completely fine while I’m “away” in the Records. This was simply before my first baby came along, but now I think of my children all the time. So when I go to channel, it’s not enough to have a babysitter. I need to know that my children are feeling completely loved and safe. If I sense that they are suffering, then my mind drifts toward them all too easily and this can't happen in channeling work. So a lot of my preparation time is spent helping my little ones develop iron-clad connections with their caregivers so that I can step away with peace.

Luckily I manage to get these three things, as well as a thousand other smaller ones, lined up at least once a week -- and then I step fully into the Akashic Records with complete clarity and joy. I often use this time to channel messages for everyone to access on my website, such as the Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Messages. Sometimes I'm also able to offer a personal consultation, much to the delight of the patient souls who have been waiting so long for their turn.

I could lower my standards and do more sessions in a way that is rushed, distracted, or otherwise unsupported. But instead I am slowly but surely building more time for you as my children become more independent. Someday soon I’ll be able to offer even more channelings for you to download. Someday soon I will be able to offer twice the number of consultations and you won’t have to wait so long to speak with me. Until then, I’ll always have the Messages updated and new downloads for you along the way.

(And if all that makes you think you would like to get in line for a consultation, be sure to contact my wonderful assistant, Robin, and let her know you want to be added to my waiting list. Chances are, you will have a whole new set of questions for the Records when the time comes and you’ll be so glad you did!)

Whether you are a parent, a friend, a spouse, or in any other role -- there are challenges inherent in doing spirit work while staying grounded in everyday relationships. What are the things you find necessary in order for your Lightwork to thrive?

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  1. Shauna Murdock
    August 18, 2017 at 18:04

    To my revered and beloved mentor through the Akashic Records, I find it profoundly helpful to connect with your work through your newsletters, daily, weekly, monthly, and other topic channelings. What doing that does for me is provide the insights and questions for accessing steps and methods in being a more attentive, caring, and involved spirit in a human body. It actually feels as if the channelings are for me personally!!

    • Jen Eramith
      August 18, 2017 at 23:01

      I’m so glad to hear it, and always looking for ways to help make the Records more accessible for us all. I love working with you and so many others. And it just gets better as we all trust our intuition and connect with our own empowerment. There’s nothing better than supporting each other and I’m honored to be part of your network!

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