January 20th, Take Two

As many of you know, I offer regular messages channeled from the Akashic Records. Every month, I open the Records of the future to see what we can all expect as far as collective and personal potential. This is similar to what comes from astrologers who look ahead to cosmic alignments that affect us all. (And it’s super fun to compare Akashic messages with astrology, which is a topic I’ll discuss another day soon!)

I always post part of the current month’s message free for everyone who wants to take a peek. The entire message for both the current month and the upcoming month is posted for members of my website. I also post a unique message for each day and week in the membership area. Today I’m making some of those weekly messages available here because I’ve found something interesting that I’d love to share. See if you can find it:

January 7 – 13

This is a week when energy really settles downward. The feeling of the month being pressed flat arrives this week. This is a time to try to stay calm. Notice your emotional reactions to the events of your day, and try to acknowledge and release your emotion along the way. You cannot afford to hold in your emotion and have it explode later. If you need to cry, do not wait to cry later, try to cry now. If you are losing your temper, get out and process your anger now before you say something you regret.

This is a time when repressed emotion can lead to panic or tempers flaring. It is important you do what you can to stay calm as the pressure is building. This is the time to draw upon all of your inner resources and all of your spiritual practices to try to stay calm and stay centered as everything around you begins to press down.

January 14 – 20

The energy this week is very still and maybe even stifling. You will find everything moves more slowly than you want it to.

Becoming impatient or trying to push things forward will not improve your situation. Make sure that you stay calm and move slowly with the energy, rather than trying to make things different than they are. Acceptance of what is will get you very far this week.

January 21 – 27

This week brings tremendous light, clarity, and beautiful lessons. You will find a whole new understanding of yourself arrives this week. It comes through the channel of acceptance and surrender. It does not come through effort or through a lot of movement.

Instead, it comes when you are able to stay centered and calm, loving and gentle with yourself and with others regardless of what is swirling around you. Look for wisdom, and invite a joyful sense of new understanding within that moment of surrender.

Do you see it?

There is something very interesting here when you consider current events. I didn’t notice it when I channeled these messages back in November, because at that time it didn’t occur to me that January 20th offers a unique anniversary this year. I had no idea that the Women’s March events were being planned for that weekend, but the Akashic Records could already show an imprint for a big shift right around January 20th and 21st.

This raises the question -- is the energy shift described by the Records something that existed before the plans people have made? Or, is it our activity that makes the energetic potential? I'd like to think it's the latter. Most spiritual traditions tell us that everything is connected, and everything we do matters greatly. I think that, despite my personal lack of awareness at the time of channeling, the plans people were making back in November were already writing the potential for how the world will be changed. And the commitments our souls have been making to engage in collective events were already feeding the energy for what will come. I like to think we are all that powerful when we commit to something, whether or not we are aware we have committed.

Whatever you have planned for January 20th, and whatever you may hold in your heart about the Women’s Day marches and other events, I encourage you to take some time that weekend to dedicate your energy toward making the world more loving, more fair, and more filled with light for all! This will inevitably mean something different for each of us, but as Lightworkers there is no end to how much good we can do by engaging our vision for a brighter future.


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  1. meg
    January 12, 2018 at 05:00

    Indeed, January 20th offers us an anniversary to reflect on a year of light work that is greatly needed. Thank you for this reminder!

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