Hidden Wisdom

I love the way the world seems to be filled with hidden messages, just waiting for us to pay attention and find them. As I stood in line at the store today, I found this little thought in one of Martha Stewart’s magazines:

“Individual effort is the only way to make a collective difference.”

This is EXACTLY what the Akashic Records say in almost every channeling. In order for the world to become enlightened, we must each do our part to make our own lives honest, powerful, and filled with love. 

(photo source unknown -- if you know it, please tell me so I can give credit)

Especially when there is so much changing in the world at large, be sure to keep your own house in order, so to speak. This includes doing what you can to help in the bigger things – just be sure your efforts come from a place of peace and power in your own heart!

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Jen Eramith