Haywire Week

It’s one of those weeks. Things have gone haywire. Something breaks, then I’m late for the next thing, then I start to fumble around and soon everything seems to fall apart. My wonderful scheduler, Robin, and I were discussing why all the details seem to be falling apart this week and we agreed that the week has gone haywire. The things that should connect just aren’t connecting.

I have a head cold, and my recording device has broken, and I’ve accidentally double-booked two consultations. Some people say Mercury retrograde is to blame. I think that an astrological retrograde cycle can only affect us in places where we are already out of balance.

And for me, that imbalance now is in my favorite part of my job -- Personal Consultations. I usually offer about ten consultations per week. I’ve learned time and again that when I do more than this, my life starts to unravel.

Why is that? Is it that I become too ungrounded? Or just get tired from talking so much? I think it’s a bit of both, but that it’s also a function of spending too much time in the altered state required for channeling. It’s a great state to be in – when I’ve accessed the Akashic Records I can feel that all is well and there is grace in everything. But being there for too long leads me to feel not quite like myself. 


I’ve learned that there are wonderful things about being human that rest upon just being human. Part of what makes everyday life magical is that we are limited by how much we can perceive. If I were channeling all the time I would probably have fewer worries and challenges, but I also wouldn’t have my life anymore. My life is rich and wonderful in part because of the things I struggle with. Our challenges and the journey to meet them are what make us human.

When I spend all my time channeling the Akashic Records, I lose my sense of my everyday self.  This week has gone haywire because I let go of the boundaries that have served me so well. Because I felt guilty for having people wait several weeks to have an appointment with me, I allowed a few more appointments into the week. And now my life is unraveling.

I think other Lightworkers must experience this, too. What happens to you when you let your boundaries loosen to much? What are the limits for you in doing channeling work while still staying grounded in your everyday life?

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Jen Eramith


  1. April 8, 2011 at 06:24

    agreed, mercury can only reveal what already is and may not yet be seen.

    you pose great questions in that i'm really grateful to consider them.

    i'm only now getting clear with what boundaries are suitable for me. it's been recent that i have gratefully accepted being human rather than seeking to stay beyond the veil in the higher realms as a means of escape. when i don't stay connected (loosen boundaries) i speed up and life becomes something i react to rather than a gift i allow myself to experience. and, when that happens, it's an amazing opportunity to realize what i've created and choose something more enhancing. i.e., to slow down.

    as for staying grounded and being a lightworker, i have a sixteen month old daughter. she is an amazing barometer. when i'm sped up and unfocused, she's more demanding and reactionary. her behavior is like a neon sign which reads, "Slow Down! breathe… Pay Attention!!" the 'new lesson' is to listen better than i ever have before. i get two, maybe three, hour stretches where i can be of service and sometimes, being of service means embroidering something. it's key for me to go by feel (listen) when scheduling clients and trust what i get. sometimes, it means not working with some folks or not seeing them for a few weeks out until whatever needs to transition has. it's all about trust. trust is the greatest asset to staying grounded.

    wow. Thanks for the opportunity to be present with your questions. right on time.

  2. April 8, 2011 at 06:24

    I have found that I need to find regular and consistent ways to keep my human happy, well nourished, relaxed and grounded. When she's good, I'm good to do "the work". We are a team, so we take good care of ourselves.

    Love to all,

  3. May 27, 2011 at 20:43

    LOVE, love, love the image (and the message). A picture is worth a thousand words!