Finish All the Things!

Well, I keep trying to post something about the US economy, but I just can’t find words to express how complicated my feelings are on this issue. So that post can wait for another day. (If you want to think about the economy this week, go read the channeling for this topic!)

Instead, I thought I’d share the image I have hanging in my office this week. 

I am very good at starting things, like this blog, and not so good at finishing them. Astrologers tell me that it’s because so much of my natal chart is on fire. The Records tell me it’s because I spend so much time channeling that I don’t track time very well in my everyday life.

But sometimes I think I’m still just running away from homework. I find myself with that old feeling from school. You know the one? That feeling of homework perched weightily on my shoulders, pushing on me when I’m playing, resting, and even when I’m actually working on the homework. I feel guilty, embarrassed, and trapped. It’s heavy-duty mental baggage, and I’ve been trying to shake it since I was about twelve years old.

So I love this image because it is just silly enough, and just triumphant enough, for me to believe that I actually WILL finish all the things!

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Jen Eramith


  1. August 10, 2011 at 20:23

    Ehehe I see myself in your words.
    I think that for me the reason is that i do things out of inspiration. The inspiration comes, i do things, inspiration goes, so why finish them?
    And then yeah, i feel upset i haven't finish them but i also feel upset that i have to go back to something that doesn't have inspiration/energy anymore. It's like: it's gone, dead – i should abandon it.
    Even if its just cleaning the kitchen.
    But on the other way, it might be the multitasking thing, when you put your energy into so many things you actualy have no energy to finish them.
    Then i think about Zen, and how you should do things slowly, with your full conscience and awareness on the moment – this way you have energy to finish the task and every task is like a meditation.
    Thats why i push myself to finish everything. But the truth is that i find it really hard.