Daily, Weekly and Monthly Messages

If you’ve visited my website, you’ve probably figured out by now that I offer channeled messages from the Akashic Records. I offer channelings on topics, and I offer a channeling for every day, week and month. The Monthly Message is a complimentary feature, and the Daily and Weekly Messages are available for members of my site.

Many people are curious about how, exactly, a channeling like this occurs. So I’ll tell you!

I sit down to channel the messages one or two months in advance. I try to do the channeling far enough in advance that I can’t have any preconceived ideas about what will be happening that would interfere with what I see in the Akashic Records. But I also try to do it late enough that the energy for that time period has taken shape so that I can see it clearly. About six weeks in advance usually hits the mark.

This is the place where I usually sit for channelings in my office.

When I sit down to perform a channeling, I really do just that. I sit in my office and access the Akashic Records for the time period I’m seeking. Then I ask three simple questions – What energy can we expect? How can we work with the energy? What else do the Akashic Records have to tell us?

I speak out loud to express the answers I see in the Akashic Records.  Once the message is recorded, transcribed and posted on my website, I have usually forgotten what it says. When it’s time for me to read the messages from my own personal perspective, I see it fresh just like you. It is always a curious process for me to arrive at time period and discover if the message really fits for me or not. 

Someone recently wrote to tell me that she experiences the Daily Messages one day in advance, rather than on the day it is posted. I think this kind of thing happens for most people -- the messages hit the mark most of the time, but sometimes they don’t. It happens this way for me in my own life, too.

Why do we all experience the Messages differently? Well, because we are all different! I figure that sometimes I’m in synch with the universal rhythm and sometimes I’m not. And sometimes I am more sensitive and susceptible to that universal energy depending on what is happening in my life. 

It’s also a matter of timing. Because the lines we place around periods of time are artificial, the energy for any given day, week or month bleeds into the time before and afterward. I think we experience the energy in unique ways based on what particular energy we need to experience for our personal journey. Sometimes we really need the energy of a particular day so we pick it up early, or feel it linger into the following day. 

When you read the Monthly, Weekly and Daily Messages, I encourage you to sense your own attunement and make adjustments in how you read the messages so they fit the unique ebb and flow of your life. We each ride the waves of energy just as we need them to best suit our individual path. Celebrate the waves you catch and trust they will lead you right where you need to be!

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