Your consultation will take place by phone or, for some international calls, by Skype.  Schedule your consultation for a time when you will have free access to a phone line and will not be disturbed.  You might also consider planning time after the consultation for relaxing and allowing the information to integrate.  You may feel like taking a nap afterward, which is a common experience after working with the the multi-dimensional energy of the Akashic Records.


It can be helpful to keep a notepad and pen with you in the days before your consultation in order to write questions to be answered during your session.  You may find that your self-awareness increases as your connection to Spirit opens, and you will want to write the questions that come to mind.  Questions for your consultation can address any topic in your life, including health, relationships, past lives, and soul path.

All information known to your higher self over the course of many lifetimes is available to you, and often the things you regard as trivial will lead to deeper meanings and lessons.  You can use these guidelines for asking questions to help you get started.  Generally, between six and twelve questions can be addressed in a 60 Minute Akashic Consultation, though sometimes more can be addressed.  Be sure to ask your most important questions first in order to ensure there will be time to answer them.

During your consultation, Jen will open, or access, your Akashic Records by using a Sacred Prayer.  Once your Records are open, you will be invited to ask your questions, and Jen will give you the answers she sees in your Records.

Jen remains conscious throughout this time, and the consultation will evolve into a casual and very enlightening conversation between you, your Spirit Guides, and Jen as she receives the information.

You might find it useful to take notes during your consultation.  Jen will record your session and will send the recording to you after the consultation.  Jen will keep a back-up recording for one month in case you need a second copy.  After that time, you will be the only person in possession of the recording.

Jen will be unable to answer questions or remind you of the information after the consultation is over, so you might find that taking notes for yourself is very useful for later thinking and reflection.

You will find a great deal of value in listening to the recording for weeks or even months following the consultation.  The Records seem to offer wisdom that will apply to you over time, so that you can get the equivalent of an ongoing reading by using your recording.

Many people find that some information that you do not notice during the consultation will catch your attention during later reflection, so recorded information can offer treasures as you review it!

All information received and conveyed during your consultation will be kept strictly confidential.  Jen is happy to sign any confidentiality agreement provided by you.  Please contact Jen for more information about our confidentiality policies.

It is suggested that you avoid using alcohol or any mind-altering substances, including drugs, before your consultation.  These substances, can interfere with the clarity of reception of information. 

It is fine to continue using drugs that you are used to using in order to maintain your health.  You will know best what your body is used to and what you need to be clear and open for your consultation.

You may determine how you work with this guideline, depending on your personal needs.  The only strong suggestion is to avoid alcohol and mind-altering drugs for the twenty-four hour period before your consultation.

Jen will also follow these guidelines before the reading in order to create a clear channel for receiving information from your Akashic Records.