The Akashic Records hold an energetic imprint of every creation in the Universe.  Every soul has a unique Akashic Record, and every relationship holds a unique imprint within our Records, as well as an Akashic Record of its own.  When we form relationships with others, the energy of the connection creates an overlapping of our Akashic Records, making it possible for our souls to share the divine information that is relevant to the relationship.  This overlapping extends beyond time and space.  Some relationships have existed long before the current lifetime, and the overlap in the Akashic Records contains the imprint of this ongoing connection.

During an Akashic Record Relationship consultation, two people are able to access the Akashic Records to have their questions answered regarding the nature of the relationship, including soul history, karma, contracts, and future potentials.  Relationships among three or more people can be addressed in a Sacred Family consultation or a Group consultation.

Relationship consultations can only take place when both people in the relationship have agreed to have the Records of the relationship be accessed.  While any one person can learn a great deal about each of their relationships within their own Akashic Records, the relationship itself can only be accessed with permission by both parties.  Relationship Readings are offered for any kind of relationship between adults, including business, personal, romantic, and healing relationships, as well as many other types of connections.

Relationship consultations are available for relationships between two adults.  Readings for Relationships between adults and children are available through the Sacred Family program -- please feel free to explore this possibility if you are parenting one of the special children on the planet today!


Relationship Consultation Guidelines

Congratulations on having an interest in an Akashic Record Relationship Reading!  This can be a very exciting and brave step in developing a Relationship based on honesty, clarity, and joy!

A Relationship consultation is simply a Personal consultation in which two people have their Akashic Records accessed and ask questions together in order to come to a deeper understanding of the relationship.  It is a wonderful resource to use for all kinds of relationships -- friendships, romantic partnerships, business relationships, and more!

A Relationship consultation must be requested by both members of the Relationship.  While one of you might initiate the idea, once it is time for the appointment to be scheduled, things will go much more smoothly if you are both actively interested in receiving the Consultation.

A Relationship consultation takes place by phone.  The participants may be on the same phone line, or they may be in separate locations through the use of a conference call.  Once you have scheduled your session, Jen will arrange a conference call if needed.

A Relationship consultation will offer a great deal of information about the nature of your Relationship, including the challenges and the strengths you share.  This information is always offered through a compassionate and empowering channel, offering insights into how to best work together so that you can each create loving and clear connections.  I highly recommend scheduling a session with someone who can facilitate discussion for the two of you after your session.  This might be a counselor, a life coach, a mediator, or a trusted friend who can be an impartial facilitator as you process the information you have received and decide how you want to use it.


Schedule a Relationship Reading

When you are ready to schedule your consultation, please contact us to arrange the time for your appointment.  You will receive an email message with a contract to be signed by each participant, as well as information about how to submit payment for the session.

60 Minute Consultation     $300.00   (usually between 6 and 12 questions)

90 Minute Consultation    $400.00    (usually between 10 and 20 questions)