An Akashic Records Consultation, Jen will access your Akashic Records in order to answer your questions, download a personal meditation practice, or develop a ritual to help you mark a powerful point along your path. Jen uses the Akashic Records to access the wisdom and guidance that is available for your personal soul growth. There is no limit to the areas of your life that can be addressed. A consultation with Jen offers a chance for you to clarify, validate, and expand upon what you sense through your own intuition.



In addition to gaining information, you also connect with an immense, loving energy in your Akashic Records. This is simply the expansive energy of your higher self, and it will feel familiar and affirming. This can be like an energetic download that supercharges your intuition for weeks or even months following your consultation.


You can choose to spend your consultation time developing a personalized meditation practice that will be recorded as a guided visualization that you can listen to and use in your spiritual practice.


A consultation can also be used to help you develop a ritual for your spiritual practice. You might plan a consultation to help guide you through an important milestone in your life, such as marriage, the birth of a child, or a change in profession. Or a ritual may arise organically as you ask about various issues in your Akashic Records.


An Akashic Records Consultation is not psychotherapy, though it can have profound therapeutic value. It helps tie the events and choices in your life to the soul purpose that underlies every moment.  The truth contained in your Records can empower you to develop healing and a profound freedom and joy in your life!

Length of Consultation

A 60 Minute Reading is recommended for a first-time consultation, but trust your instincts.  Only you will know what length seems right for you!


30 Minute Reading


per reading
  • (usually between 4 and 8 questions)
90 Minute Reading


per reading
  • (usually between 10 and 20 questions)


How Does a Consultation Work?

The first step to receiving an Akashic Records Consultation is to contact us to book your appointment. Jen’s schedule is often booked several months in advance, so don’t delay! You will be asked to submit a signed contract offering your permission for your Records to be accessed. (Your Akashic Records can only be accessed with your permission.)

Your Consultation will take place via private phone call with Jen. After a brief conversation, Jen will access your Records with a prayer and a moment of silent meditation. Then you will be invited to ask your questions. You can ask any question that relates to your life and Jen will channel the answers for you in a relaxed and loving conversational style. 

The magic of a Personal Akashic Consultation is that it offers a clear, specific, and empowering view of the truth of your soul path.  The more truth you know, the less you have to fear.  With less fear, you are free to approach your life with a more expansive response, generating less conflict and a more fluid manifestation of exactly what you want.  Receiving information from the Akashic Records offers you an infinite playground of reality in which to create and express yourself.  By seeing yourself clearly in the Akashic Records, you can choose your most authentic response to the situations in your life. Receiving this information can be incredibly empowering!


Getting Ready for a Consultation