The Akashic Records contain an energetic imprint of every soul in the Universe, as well as larger entities such as groups, organizations, events, and locations.  Anyone who is a part of a group energy can have access to the information held in the Akashic Records for that group.

Many of us are finding and creating our spiritual families, and having a Private Group Reading can offer a magical resource for learning about your connections with one another!

Private Group Readings occur when a specific group of people plans a private session with Jen based on a topic chosen by the Group.  A Private Group Reading can address any topic regarding your Group, including:

Why are you drawn to be together?

What is the soul purpose of your group?

What are your individual roles in the group?

How can you best work together?

How can you best be a source of collective light in the world?

A Private Group can include up to 20 people, and can be done in person or by conference call.  Private Group Readings are always arranged in partnership with Jen, as the topic and location must be agreed upon by Jen and the members of the Group.

During a Private Group Reading, Jen opens the Akashic Records of the chosen topic, and participants are invited to ask questions pertaining to that topic.   Jen will channel the answers and record the Reading so that the Group may listen to it afterward.

The price for a Private Group Reading is $500.00 for a 90 Minute Reading.

If you have questions about arranging a Private Group Reading, please contact Jen.

Schedule Your Private Group Reading

There are three steps involved in arranging a Private Group Reading:

1.     Choose your Group Members and agree upon a topic or theme for your Group Reading.  Assign one primary person to contact Jen.

2.     Contact Jen to establish a day and time that will work for the members of your Group to gather for a Reading.  The Reading can take place in person, if Jen is appearing in your area, or by conference call.

3.     Pay for the Reading.  Include the names and email addresses of your Group Members in the comment field of your payment.

Private Group Reading total fee (up to 10 people):        $500.00

Contact Jen to ask about groups larger than seven people.

4.     If your Group Reading will take place by phone, each Group Member will receive the phone number to call and the access code for the conference call.

5.     On the day and at the time of the Reading, we gather in place or on the phone for a 90 Minute Reading.  During this time, you are able to ask any questions pertaining to your Group, and receive the answers from the Akashic Records!