Jen offers consultations on a limited basis, and keeps an active waiting list. To join our waiting list, please contact Robin.  Once you have been added, you will hear from us with occasional updates and resources to help you stay connected as you wait.

Once you have scheduled a Consultation, you will receive  an email with a contract to be read and signed.  You will also receive information on how to pay for your Consultation.  Your payment and contract must be received at least  one week before the time of your scheduled session in order for the Consultation to take place.

Akashic Transformations does not offer refunds, but will issue a credit for a cancellation only if it is submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment.

All Consultations take place by phone.  You will receive the number to call for the session once your Consultation has been scheduled.

The time for your Consultation will be scheduled according to US Pacific Time.  Please use a Time Zone Converter to verify the time for your session according to your locale.  Please note that the US has recently changed the dates for Daylight Savings Time in your calculation.

Jen will record your Consultation and send you the recording via online download or postal mail.   Jen will keep a copy of your Consultation for one month after it occurs as a back-up, after which time you will be the sole possessor of your recording.

Learn what to expect and how to prepare for your consultation.

It can be empowering and incredibly helpful to receive several Consultations over the course of time in order to delve deeper into the issues and experiences that need resolution in your life.  Please feel free to schedule a Consultation at any time that feels right to you.

Jen recommends that you wait at least four to six weeks between each Akashic Record Consultation you receive.  It takes time to integrate the energy and information that are channeled during your Consultation, and you may find that resolutions and answers appear "out of the blue" following your session.

In addition, many people report an increased sense of intuition in the weeks following a Consultation.  If you rush to have another Consultation immediately, you risk missing these personal intuitive hits and spending time and money that you do not need to expend for a Consultation.