What energy and experiences can we expect during this month?

The energy in September 2014 is very fresh and new. It is like springtime. There is a light energy, and a sense of clarity. You will find new information coming into view, and truth coming to the surface. This can sometimes be challenging, but this month it is likely to be in ways that are fun rather than difficult. Of course, there will be challenges because that is part of life, but overall the energy is fun, light, and hopeful.

This is a good time to engage life with optimism and goodwill. Strive to take things lightly, use humor, and to move things along. Strive to be kind and thoughtful, but do not take things too seriously this month. The energy this month feels like a clear blue-sky day. Look for feelings of lightness and possibility. This is a good time to start new things; it is a good time to change what you have done before to make it lighter or easier. This is a good time to let go of whatever does not work.

Overall, this month will seem to pass quickly because the energy is so light and so much is moving. Be willing to adapt along the way. It will not serve you to hold onto things this month. It will not serve you to hold onto resentment or to try to maintain control over everything that is happening. It is better to go with the flow and move with the changes.

Are there particular activities that will serve us during the month of August 2014?

One simple thing that will help you engage the energy this month is to smile. Smile easily and smile often. Look people in the eye and let them know that you like them. Demonstrate that you are willing to work with people in a cooperative way. There is a sense that there is goodwill among all members of humanity. It is not that everyone will get along, it is not that it is a perfect peacefulness -- but overall there is a sense that people could get along where they did not before. Conflict resolution will go better this month than it may have gone earlier in the summer. You may find it easier to work with your enemies or with people who have misunderstood you. You will find things go a little bit better than usual with conflict this month.

This is a good time to reengage conversations that may have been stuck before, or to heal in places where you may have felt hurt before. The important shift that must occur is to give up hope that the other person will make you feel better. Instead, approach the conversation with the hope that you will understand them better, and they will understand you better. How you feel may vary depending on your situation, but understanding is possible in a new way this month.

The energy that supports conflict resolution this month is not about feeling better. The energy holds potential for seeing things more clearly and letting them go. It is about finding a sense of freedom and lightness and joy, rather than being stuck. Whether you feel good or not is secondary. Let understanding be your motivation as you engage with conflicts or try to move forward with projects and relationships.

What can we expect in the collective consciousness this month?

You are likely to find a great deal of conversation and other communication occurring this month. Primary you will find negotiation that aims toward peacemaking. It is likely there will be more speeches, both inspiring and destructive, in the collective media. You will find more public communication regarding war and peace. It is likely that people in leadership positions will step up and talk in more public ways than they may have before.

This is an important time for you to decide where authority lies. Pay attention to your leaders. Pay attention to the voices in the news. Make sure you are mindful about what you believe. Do not believe everything you see this month. Engage your mind in a lighthearted, open-minded way as you strive to make sense of what is happening around you. You will hear many voices with differing opinions in regard to collective events. It will be very important for each of you to really consider what seems authentic and true as you listen to your leaders. This is the time when you are making the biggest shift in terms of owning your own authority, as described in the Year 2014 Channeling.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all of you to work through authority issues. Deciding whom to believe and what to believe is an important part of this process. Part of that process is you are embracing your own authority. You are deciding for yourself rather than just taking it because it comes from the leader. This is profoundly beneficial for you as an individual and it is profoundly beneficial for the entire world as more and more people decide to believe themselves first and listen to their leaders second. You are all claiming your authority and you are making it possible for the human collective to have more power than any individual leader. This will ultimately lead to a democratic revolution in the human family over time. By this we do not mean a democratic government, necessarily, but through more people as individuals taking their power. You will see in the collective, some events will unfold, most of which are a reflection of human efforts toward peacefulness despite the mistakes of leaders. Listen carefully and decide what you believe as your leaders speak.

Is there anything else for us to know about September 2014?

There is not much more because the energy this month will be best utilized if you will keep things simple. Do not think too much about what is happening. Listen to your instincts and not try too hard to force what is slow. Laugh easily, smile easily, and go with the flow. It is an incredibly light, loving, fun energy this month.

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