What energy and experiences can we expect in September 2013?

The energy this month is like a diamond -- it is shiny, sharp, and clarifying. The energy can also be very valuable this month. This month provides an opportunity for you to have a fresh start. There is a sense that this month is like a new beginning, like a new year. Give yourself extra time this month to think about what direction you want to take with your life. Consider how you want your life to be in the future and what changes you can make now in order to accomplish those goals later on. As if it were a new year, this month you might consider making resolutions for the upcoming year and even the upcoming decade.

Another way this month is like the energy of a diamond is that this is a clarifying time. You will be able to see things more clearly than you could before, so anything you have been denying or resisting will come to the surface. Mistakes you have made will become more evident, but your successes will also become more evident. It is important to try to see things clearly this month. Take time each day to really look at what choices you made, how things went, and what you are learning.

Thinking clearly about things that confuse you is an important aspect of this month. It is a very good time to question your beliefs. It is a very good time to consider new perspectives. It will serve you this month to have clarifying conversations. Ask people questions and do not accept their answer at face value, but really consider how your heart responds to their answer. A deeper level of thoughtfulness will be called for this month, and so it will serve you to be methodical, mindful, and intentional throughout the month. Do not jump to conclusions; do not react quickly to things. Give yourself extra time to make your decisions. Give yourself extra time to decide how you wish to respond to anything that comes up in your life this month.

Are there certain activities we can engage in to help us better use the energy this month?

Yes. It will be very useful for you to start dialogue with yourself this month. You might do this through a journal or through a daily walk or meditation. Develop a concrete and steady practice in which you ask yourself questions and give yourself answers. The clarity that is available this month has to start with you. You will not get clarity from other people. In fact, what you get from other people will be more information that can add to the confusion inside you until you take the time to think things through. More information from others will be useful only insofar as you take time to ponder your own perspective and integrate it into your own life.

This month, begin that dialogue with yourself. Ask questions about your life, ask questions about how you feel, ask questions about particular relationships. You might ask things like, “Why do I feel a certain way about a person?” or “How do I wish they would be in my life?” Then instead of engaging the relationship to find the answer, really engage your own thinking. Write the answer out for yourself. If you are not yet sure, then write what you think the answer might be. That inner dialogue is going to set the stage for clarity and growth that will lead you to perform better throughout the month. It will help you integrate incoming information and get more answers from the world around you. The clarity has to start with you and then you will find that what you get from the world is clearer as well. That is one activity that will serve you this month.

Another activity that will be beneficial in September of 2013 is to focus on speaking the truth. Every time you are going to talk or engage with somebody, ask yourself if what you plan to say or do is based in truth. Whenever you are going to say something, whenever you are going to bring an action or a word into your relationships, really check with yourself to make sure that you have integrity. Be sure that what you are planning to say or do is truly in alignment with your own highest good and with what you believe is right.

Be sure that you walk your talk and that you really say what is true this month. It does not mean you have to confess everything and say every truth you know. It simply means that you avoid saying anything that you do not know or do not mean. Make sure that your words are truthful this month. It will save you from a lot of trouble, but it will also help you build the skill of walking through your life with clarity. This is a marvelous chance to walk in alignment with your own values. It will help you stay in clarity throughout the month and really harness the brilliant, clarifying valuable energy of September 2013.

Is there anything we need to avoid this month?

Yes. This month it will be beneficial for you to avoid taking big risks. It is fine to try new things. It is find to engage in activities for which you do not know the outcome -- that is just a regular part of life. But, whenever you can, minimize your risk. Be clear with yourself about what is at stake whenever you are going to do something risky. If you are going to bring up a difficult conversation or engage in a conflict, first consider what is at stake. What might you lose by engaging in the conflict? If you are going to try something new at work, consider whether it is truly worth your time. If you are going to try cooking something new, consider whether it is worth the ingredients. Often, the answers will be yes, for it is useful to take some risks and try new things each day.

But during this month, make sure your risks are calculated mindfully. Take the time you need to feel clear about what you are trying, what outcome you hope for, and whether what you are putting at stake is worth it. Just be more methodical about any risk-taking or anything new you might try this month. You can be conservative and yet still move forward -- just more thoughtfully and more mindfully than usual.

Is there anything else the Keepers want to tell us about the month of September 2013?

During this month you will likely find it difficult to get commitments from people. You will find that people will promise something and then they will not follow through, or that they will refuse to engage in the commitment at all in the first place. It is important that you be patient with this. This month things that you try to start will not happen the way you expect. They will begin differently. Most new endeavors will really get moving better and faster in October and November. This is the month when the energy builds and crystallizes. October and November will be the time when things really start to occur, and when you can see changes taking place in the world around you.

Therefore this month, do not expect too much of yourself. Do not expect a lot of productivity, and do not expect others to follow through. If you are really expecting that people will fulfill their promises this month, you will be disappointed throughout the month. But if you can be kind and patient and gentle, you will find that people will do something even better later than they would have done for you now. Just have some patience this month. Things are moving and changing the way they need to, just more carefully and slowly. This is really the month where you are getting to know yourself and getting to know others so that you can work well together in the future.

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