What energy and experiences can we expect during September, 2012?

The energy this month has a sunny, optimistic feeling. There will be a sense
of ease available for you if you will make space for it in your life. Making
space for it in your life will happen if you will actively choose to simplify and
slow down. So far in 2012 you have undergone drastic change. Much of
the change may be evident to you now, but even more of it is not evident
yet. You have not even noticed how fast you have been moving. You have
not even noticed how deeply you have changed. This month it is really
important that you choose to slow down catch up with yourself.

It is an important time to take care of your body. It is an important time to
have free time with no plans at all but time to simply be quiet and reflective.
It is important that you avoid overextending yourself or overpromising
anything. It is time to slow down and simplify your life. This is a good
time to develop routines, but make sure those routines do not involve you
rushing from one thing to another. Make sure your routines are made and
built to slow you down and give you quiet space in between your activities
whenever possible.

If you can do that, if you can slow down, this can be a very sunny, gentle,
loving and healing month. If you do not choose to slow down, the energy
this month can become aggravated and hot. There are two colors that can
represent this month. One is a soft, creamy yellow representing a gentle,
sunny outlook. The other is a burning, rusty red representing an irritable,
angry, exhausted energy. Because you all have moved and changed and
grown so much, most of you are at the end of your energetic rope. It
is time to slow down, reintegrate, and learn from the changes. Choose
the yellow. Choose to be quiet and gentle and sweet, as much as you
possibly can this month. Otherwise the red will arise in your demeanor and
experiences when you run out of energy.

What activities will most greatly benefit us during the month of September 2012?

This will be different for each person depending on your lifestyle, but overall
it will be beneficial for most of you to write a plan for your days and weeks.

Plan and actually write down a routine, even if you do not carry that writing
around with you. Just the exercise of writing down your ideas will set those
routines in motion. Write of how you would like to spend your days and how
you would like your weeks to go. Write to establish habits for how you greet
the morning and how you say goodbye to the day at night. Develop habits
and choose activities that move you more slowly, that cause you to stop and
ponder. For instance, rather than running this month, consider going for a
walk. Rather than watching T.V., consider closing your eyes and listening
to soft music. Those are some examples of how you can reshape your
everyday activities so that they are still part of your regular routine, but that
they are slower or softer or sweeter than usual.

Anything you can do to help you write a plan will help shift your mind's
expectations for your days. Even if you do not follow the plan perfectly, just
writing the plan is going to make it easier for you to choose those slower,
softer activities.

Is there anything for us to watch out for or avoid this month?

This month, it will serve you to avoid too much stimulation. Stimulation can
come from many different sources, including those that are visual, auditory,
psychic, and more. For instance, it will be important to choose softer music
than usual and to listen to movies or television at a quieter volume than you
are used to. It will serve you to avoid calling across the room to someone
when you can walk over and speak with them softly instead. It would
serve you to avoid being around people who gossip or overdramatize their
emotions. You can be supportive of people in your life, but in the moment
when they are upset, choose to walk away and return to them later when
they have calmed down in order to help work through their feelings.

Most of you, because you are at the end of your energetic rope and all
of you have so much integrating to do for yourselves, cannot handle
dissonance in other people's energy fields as well as you normally could. If
you are with someone who is upset and you cannot walk away, encourage
that person to take deep, slow breaths to help quiet their energy field. Or,
you choose to take deep, slow breaths when you are in the presence of
someone who is upset.

Be sure to understand that emotions are good. There is nothing wrong
with emotions, but in the moment when an emotion first arises it disrupts a
person's energy field and that emits a vibration that affects everyone in the
room. Typically, you are quick to handle those vibrations and you are doing
it all the time. But this month, when you are trying to reduce stimulation,
it is useful to avoid being around people who are upset or around situations
that are upsetting. For instance, avoid sporting events or other collective
activities in which people get upset together at the same time. This month
it will be useful for you to take a break from those kinds of activities, simply
to give your body, mind, and spirit more space to integrate the changes
you have made so far this year. It is time for you to catch up with yourself
rather than responding to constant stimulation from others.

Is there anything else for us to know about September 2012?

Along with that gentle, sweet energy that is available, there is a great deal
of Love. This is a good time to express Love in every way you can. Start
with yourself. Find a way everyday to express Love to yourself, even if it is
as simple as rubbing your sore neck muscles for a few minutes or walking
away from a boring or difficult activity to give yourself a break. Or you
could do something bigger, such as to buy yourself a diamond ring or take
yourself on vacation. It does not matter what you do as long as it is done
with a sense of Love for who you are and forgiveness for whatever has been
difficult in your life. Anything that expresses Love for yourself would be

Once you have developed more ways to be kind to yourself, then extend
it outward. Look for sweet things you can do for others. Look for
opportunities to do a favor for someone as long as it does not cause harm
to you. Look for chances to perform random acts of kindness and to go the
extra mile in helping someone whenever you have the chance. Any act of
Love this month will further open that space for gentleness and peace, which
is what you are trying to cultivate this month.

Again, as you perform these acts of kindness for yourself and others, make
sure they are things that come easily for you. Do not cause yourself stress.
Do not disrupt your own energy field in order to sacrifice for another. It
is not time to be self-sacrificing or hard on yourself. This month is about
keeping it simple, being gentle, and looking for the small things like a smile
or a hug that can make a difference.

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